Stanley Cup betting Maryland

Now that Stanley Cup betting in Maryland is legal, you can now jump into betting on the playoffs. First, however, don’t take betting lightly. Do your research into the types of bets that you want to make and also into the bonuses available at MD sportsbooks.

Best sportsbooks for Stanley Cup betting MD 2024

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BetRivers Stanley Cup betting Maryland BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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DraftKings Stanley Cup betting Maryland DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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Betfred Stanley Cup betting Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now Betfred MD promo code
BetMGM Stanley Cup betting Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
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FanDuel Stanley Cup betting Maryland FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now Fanduel MD bonus code
PointsBet Stanley Cup betting Maryland PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet Maryland review
Crab Sports Stanley Cup betting Maryland Crab Sports Up to $250 in bonus bets
  • Great live betting options
  • Parlay boost
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Guide to betting on the Stanley Cup in MD

The Stanley Cup is the championship that every Ice Hockey player dreams of. The team that lifts the Stanley Cup at the end of the season is the team of the season. But, of course, you are on this page. You don’t need us to introduce the Stanley Cup to you. You are likely more interested in Stanley Cup betting in Maryland, right?

Since we know that many of the gamblers on the Stanley Cup are going to be new to sports betting, we decided to keep things nice and simple. We want to give you a guide to the absolute basics of betting on the Stanley Cup in Maryland.

Here, you will learn how to select sportsbooks. You will learn how to read odds. Finally, you will learn about betting markets. By the end of this, you should be ready to gamble on the Stanley Cup.

Best betting sites for Stanley Cup in Maryland

As promised, we want to introduce you to the places where we go and search for our playoffs odds. Whenever we bet on a Stanley Cup game, and we do so fairly frequently, then you can catch us gambling in one of these places.

BetMGM Stanley Cup betting

BetMGM is probably the largest site for Stanley Cup betting in Maryland. Even if you haven’t looked at a single sportsbook before, the chances are that you will have heard of BetMGM. This company is absolöutely massive. Because they are so big, they offer a wealth of promotions coupled with some great odds.

Pointsbet Stanley Cup wagers

Pointsbet is our main choice if we want to bet on in-play. While they do not always have the largest selection of in-play markets available, they do tend to offer some of the better odds.

Draftkings Stanley Cup lines

Draftkings covers every single game in the Stanley Cup. This is exactly the same as the other sportsbooks. However, in our experience, Draftkings tends to offer one of the largest selections of prop bets when you’re getting into some Maryland NHL betting action.

Barstool Stanley Cup odds

Barstool Sportsbook is another site that is all about decent odds and live betting. They also offer a promotion or two, many of which are going to be aimed at those new gamblers.

Fanduel Stanley Cup odds

If you love your Stanley Cup enhanced odds, then check out Fanduel. In the lead-up to most games, they tend to offer a few enhanced odds promotions for some of the more unique prop bets. It can be a great place for those more experienced gamblers that know how to make props work.

Betting on the Stanley Cup in Maryland

We know that you may be eager to jump into Stanley Cup betting in MD. However, before you do, you may want to consider whether you are actually ready to gamble.

In our experience, there are a lot of people that underestimate the amount of effort that goes into betting on an event like the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, people do seem to be of the belief that you can just look at NHL Playoff odds and make a decision. Oh, how we wish it were that simple.

Successful betting on the NHL Playoffs in Maryland, particularly if you want to win big, will take hours upon hours of research. You will constantly be reading through statistics. You will constantly be watching games. While we are sure that most people may be able to win a simple moneyline bet or two, this is never going to deliver huge sums of cash. If you want to bet for the entirety of the NHL Playoffs, you do need to put that work in fact.

Choose a sportsbook for Stanley Cup – Maryland

Before you go any further, you are going to need to have a sportsbook to gamble at. You can’t do much gambling without somebody that is willing to take your bet, right?

Because we spend a lot of time searching for the best Maryland sportsbooks for Stanley Cup betting, we devised a series of questions that we ask ourselves whenever we find a new sportsbook. You can use this for your own research too.

Do they allow gamblers from Maryland?

Pretty simple this. Since Stanley Cup betting in Maryland is fairly new, there are still several sportsbooks that may not necessarily accept Maryland gamblers. Thankfully, identifying whether a site accepts Maryland gamblers should be simple.

If you are from Maryland and you can’t see your state listed, they won’t let you gamble. Therefore, all of the sportsbooks that we will discuss on this page will be MD sports betting sites.

Do they offer Stanley Cup betting?

You shouldn’t have too many issues here. Since the league is one of the most popular leagues in the United States, just about every single sportsbook will allow Stanley Cup betting. If they offer the league, then they offer the Stanley Cup.

What are the betting odds like?

This is where you may need to load up a few different sportsbooks and take a look at the odds that they are offering. Obviously, as a gambler, you want to ensure that you are getting the best odds on your Maryland hockey betting experience. Therefore, the better the odds, the more you want.

No sportsbook will consistently offer the best Stanley Cup odds. If they did, you have the right to be a touch suspicious as it is almost impossible. This is why you need to load up several different sportsbooks. Check the average odds each of them offers. See who has the better ones most of the time and roll with that.

What betting markets do they have available?

Betting markets are the types of bet that you are able to place. We are going to be talking more about available betting markets later on. You just want to ensure that you have the maximum possible number available, and that the sportsbooks allows event betting in Maryland.

Do they have a good customer support team?

While you would hope never to have to speak to the customer support team when you are signed up to a decent sportsbook, it is always nice to have them there just in case. We prefer our sportsbooks to have a live chat available. It makes having our questions answered so much easier.

Do they offer mobile gambling?

Did you know that the majority of people who gamble will do so via their mobile devices? You will probably end up doing this same, even if you do not plan to do so. Therefore, it makes sense that you would choose a sportsbook with a decent mobile app or mobile site.

How to read Stanley Cup odds – MD

If you already understand a little bit about betting, then feel free to skip this section. However, as we said, there are a few people out there who may be fairly new to the whole idea of betting, let alone Stanley Cup betting in Maryland. This means that they may be a little bit unsure of how to read odds. Don’t worry, though. You will get your information here!

The odds system used

There are three different odds systems that may be used with Stanley Cup betting: decimal, fractional, and American. As you can probably guess from the name, if you live in Maryland, then you will be likely to use the latter.

Although, don’t worry too much if you prefer one of the other systems. Most sportsbooks will allow you to switch between them. Because the American odds system for Stanley Betting odds is the system that you are likely to encounter the most, this is the one that we are going to be focusing on!

Determining the favorite

In the American odds system, a favorite is highlighted by a – before a number. Yes. It may seem a little bit weird to have a -, normally seen as negative. We can assure you. We are correct here! So, if you see the following odds; -100, then you know that you are looking at the favorite.

But what does the number mean? Well, that is how much you would need to stake to win $100. So, in our example, a stake of $100 would give you $100 back. You would also receive your initial stake of $100 for a total of $200.

Determining the underdog

As you can probably guess, the underdog will have a + instead. This means that you will see odds like +150 The difference is that the number is not the amount that you would stake. Instead, that is the amount that you would win if you staked $100.

So, in our example, a $100 stake on +150 would return $150 + $100 initial stake. Obviously, you do not have to bet $100. You can bet less or more. The amount that you win will change. So, for our underdog, $50 would return $75 + $50.

Betting markets for the Stanley Cup in Maryland

You now need to start looking at betting markets. These are the events in a game, or the Stanley Cup that you are going to be betting on. For convenience, we will break this down into groups.


These are bets that cover the entirety of the Stanley Cup. Obviously, the main bet that you are going to find here is betting on the overall winner of the Stanley Cup. However, you may also find other markets e.g., the highest-scoring team in the cup, the highest-scoring player, etc. It is all going to be about what the sportsbook wants to offer.

Match bets

It is likely that most people are going to be focusing on the match bets.

  • Moneylines: this is where you will bet on the overall winner.
  • Puck Line: this is the Stanley Cup equivalent to the moneyline. If you bet on the favorite, they would need to win by 1.5 goals to see a winning bet. If you bet on the underdog, then they would need to lose by no more than 1.5 goals to be a winning bet…or they can win, of course!
  • Over/Under focuses on the scores for each team. This can be combined or separated. You may sometimes see these referred to as totals.
  • Bet on each third i.e. bet who will win each stage of the game.
  • Prop bets are anything that does not relate to the final score. This may mean the first goalscorer. It may mean the number of fights, etc.

Not all sportsbooks will offer all betting markets, so it is up to you to find the betting market that is right for you and then get a sportsbook to suit.

FAQ’s About Stanley Cup betting Maryland

Is Stanley Cup betting in Maryland legal?

Yes. All residents of Maryland that are of legal age to gamble will be able to bet on the Stanley Cup.

What is a parlay bet?

A parlay bet is a combined bet formed of multiple betting lines. In order to win a parlay, each of the betting lines must win. If one loses, you get nothing.

Can you bet on live Stanley Cup games?

Yes. Although do bear in mind that there may be a limited number of markets available if you are betting in-play, particularly with the sportsbooks that do not normally focus on the live betting.

Are all Stanley Cup playoff games available for betting?

Yes. Even if they are not all offered in your favorite sportsbook, they will be offered somewhere.

Can you withdraw a bet that you have made?

No. All bets are final. Even if you decide seconds after placing the bet, you won’t be able to withdraw it.