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Hockey betting in Maryland

Hockey fans around the country are gearing up for an exciting regular season. And now that hockey betting in Maryland is legal, fans state-wide are getting ready to up the ante. With 1,271 regular-season games to place a wager on, it’s no wonder. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

Best sportsbooks for Hockey betting in MD 2024

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  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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BetMGM Hockey betting in Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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Hockey betting guide in Maryland

It doesn’t take much to get familiar with hockey betting—and it only takes a second to realize how much fun it can be. So, build your strategy with this guide, and get ready to capitalize. The Old Line State is on track to become one of the most competitive markets in hockey betting. Will you be front and center to enjoy it?

First, you’ll learn how to pick a Hockey sportsbook—or 5. Then, you’ll learn how to leverage the different types of hockey bets to your advantage. Finally, we’ll even give you some top tips for boosting your hockey betting picks.

Hockey betting in Maryland sportsbooks


These five Maryland sportsbooks have a track record of high performance for hockey betting in Maryland. They’re safe, secure, deliver the best odds, awesome bonuses, and huge sports markets for MD bettors.

  • PointsBet Hockey Sportsbook: Official Sports Betting Partner of the NHL.
  • FanDuel Hockey Betting Site: One of the biggest, most reliable global sportsbooks.
  • DraftKings Hockey: With 1.5 million monthly users in 2021.
  • BetMGM Hockey Sports Betting: Part of the world-famous MGM brand.
  • Barstool Sportsbook: One to watch, Barstool Sportsbook Maryland is owned by Penn National.

Choose a sportsbook for Hockey betting in Maryland


Ideally, you’re going to want more than one sportsbook. Because you want options, when you’re placing your wagers, you want to do it with the sportsbook that offers the best odds. If you’re betting on futures, you want the sportsbook that specializes in those.

In this section, we’re breaking down what to look for in a sportsbook.


In simple terms, can you trust this sportsbook? First, of course, they need to be legal and have a license to operate. But are they reliable in honoring wagers? Second, are they reliable in issuing payouts?

Check independent reviews online, look for a history of complaints about payouts and customer service, and make sure you’re playing your hard-earned cash with a reputable sportsbook.

Deposits and withdrawals

Pretty straightforward:

  • Is it easy (and safe) to deposit funds into your sportsbook account?
  • Does the sportsbook payout fast?


You’ll want to choose sites that make it easy for you to deposit money. It should be instant. Most sportsbooks will have a secure payment protocol to let you use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. You might also be able to deposit straight from PayPal or an eWallet like ApplePay.


By default, you should be able to withdraw your winnings to the same account you make deposits from. For example, did you deposit funds with your Discovery card? Then you’ll probably receive your payout to that account.

You want a sportsbook that lets you do fast payouts in Maryland. Most legit sportsbooks will process your payout request to a credit/debit card within 48 hours. Some do it even quicker (we’ll show you in a minute).

Some hockey betting sites still let you take your payout by check if you prefer the person-to-person approach. Be warned, though—it’s a cumbersome process.

Pro tip:

There is always a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit set by the sportsbook. Therefore, your payout request will need to be within that range to be accepted.

Safety and security

Staying safe online is always important. But, it’s even more so when you’re providing personal information and credit/debit card details. So here are some quick tips to keep you out of harm’s way online:

  • Don’t respond to emails from sportsbooks asking for your passport or account details. Don’t click on links in emails. Log into the site instead.
  • Check for the padlock. A sportsbook that uses the right security protocols (SSL or TSL) will have a padlock displayed in the URL toolbar. If it doesn’t, the site isn’t protected.
  • Only use secure payment systems. Reputable betting organizations use 3D secure payment systems. These process your credit/debit card off-site using digital encryption and top-tier security.

Bonuses and rewards

We all love a good deal. Competitive sportsbooks know how to sweeten the pot for new customers, so take advantage of their generosity. Look for promotions and bonuses that help you build your bankroll.

  • Welcome offers
  • Sign up bonuses
  • Daily rewards when you return every day
  • Deposit matches
  • Reload bonuses
  • Insurance Bonus Bets

Maryland sports betting bonuses can help you establish yourself as you find your feet. They mean more bang for your buck. More leeway when you’re learning how to craft your hockey betting picks. In short: don’t underestimate the power of a good bonus.

Good odds

Hockey betting in MD requires a sportsbook with good hockey odds. Competitive hockey betting lines and a comprehensive hockey lineup are crucial. A sportsbook that takes Hockey seriously will offer:

  • Up-to-the-minute info on games
  • A variety of prop bets (we’ll learn about those soon)
  • Reliable in-game live betting odds

Customer service

If things go wrong—and they sometimes do—you need site with online betting in Maryland that resolves issues. Before you sign up and deposit some of your sweet, sweet moolah, look at how seriously they take customer service:

  1. Do they have a contact phone number you can call?
  2. Do they have an email address?
  3. Do they have a live chat feature on-page?
  4. What are their customer service panel’s hours of operation?
  5. Do they have an FAQ section to guide you through a complaints process?

You’ll find most of this info on their websites, but you can also check independent reviews to see how they’re tracking from a user standpoint.

Hockey betting in Maryland: Betting types


You’re signed in to your sportsbooks. Finally, you’re ready to place your bets. Here are the best types you can make.


You bet on who wins. With a moneyline bet, you’re betting on who wins the whole game, but you’ve also got the option of betting on the 60-minute line—who wins at the end of 3 periods. Odds are more generous with a 60-minute line bet, but the risks are higher.

Puck line

A puck line in hockey betting is similar to a point spread or run line. The bet is based on a 1.5 goal point spread, and you place your bet on the margin of victory.


Totals—sometimes known as over / under bets—are based on the total number of goals in a game. The oddsmakers set the total goal number—let’s say 3.5. If you bet over, you’re saying there will be more than 3 total goals in the game. If you bet under, you’re saying there will be 3 or fewer goals scored.

The .5 rules out the risk of a push (or tie) which sees all bettors get a refund.

Want to make it even more interesting?

A Grand Salami bet might be for you. In hockey betting, a Grand Salami is a total bet on every game on a particular day. Got 6 games in a day? Bet on the total number of goals scored across all of them.


The most popular futures in hockey betting in Maryland is—you guessed it—the Stanley Cup. Place your wager on a team, and if they end up taking out the cup, you win. Odds are adjusted throughout the season.

Prop bets

Hockey proposition bets can be placed on any aspect of gameplay. Think Adam Pelech will get the first goal? Bet on it. Patrick Maroon for an anytime goal? There’s a prop bet for that, too. You can also build your own prop bets.

Live in-game bets

Bet on a game live, as it happens. It’s dynamic and fast-paced, and the rewards can be worth it. For example, let’s say Washington is up 1 goal versus Boston. Do you put your money on Washington to win now and reap the benefits? Or do you bet on the Boston Bruins to come back with a strong third-period push against the Capitals? The pressure is on.


A parlay is high-risk / high-reward. You place your wager across several outcomes—3 or 4 games, maybe—and you win the cumulative total if you call all the outcomes correctly. Get one wrong, and you win nothing.

Hockey Betting in Maryland: 6 Quick Tips


We’ve got six tips from the pros to improve your hockey betting picks this winter.

  1. Consider betting on the underdog.
  2. Don’t bet with your heart—bet with your head.
  3. Ignore historical bias.
  4. Learn the stats: closing line, implied probability, Corsi, Fenwick, and High Danger Scoring Chances…it all makes a difference.
  5. Use a selection of sportsbooks.
  6. Don’t fade a winning streak. Research a team before you decide their current winning streak is bound to end soon. Hockey is a game of streaks.

FAQ’s About Hockey betting in Maryland

Where does Maryland Hockey Betting revenue go?

According to legislation, all sports betting revenue in Maryland will go toward public education.

Is it legal to bet on Hockey in Maryland?

Yes, it is. Maryland’s sports betting bill was signed into law on 5/18/2021 by Gov. Larry Hogan. It was effective immediately.

What are the easiest wagers for Hockey Betting in Maryland?

Moneyline and 60-minute line bets are excellent for novice hockey bettors. But do your research first.

What kind of information do I need to sign up with a sportsbook?

You’ll need two forms of ID, usually: Proof of identity: passport or driver’s license, and Proof of address: utility bill, bank statement, or medical bill.

How do I read the odds when I bet on Hockey in Maryland?

Odds start with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. A minus indicates the favorite and a plus indicates the underdog. Similarly, a plus tells you what you stand to win if you bet $100, and a minus tells you how much you need to bet to win $100.