Maryland Sports Betting

For the betting enthusiast who resides in Maryland, look here! We have listed all Maryland sports betting options for a quick comparison of all licensed betting sites in the state. Find the best MD online sports betting sites and compare them in our list, with a quick guide on how to do this easily.

    Compare Maryland sports betting


    Maryland sports betting has been hammered through in both The house of representatives and the state senate. And therefore, we can expect several Maryland sports betting operators, for both online and retail, to launch, allowing wagering during 2022. You can read more about it in this guide.

    Legalizing Maryland sports betting may be the best thing that has happened to the state for a long time. This not only benefits the players in the state but also the state government. With sports betting contributing to the tax revenues, the state’s economy will go in a positive direction and benefit several communities.

    Maryland sports betting guide

    There will also be plenty of Land-based Maryland sports betting options to place bets on for those of you who do not yet want to wager online.

    In fact, the state has approved for up to 30 retail sports betting to launch all around the state. On these, you will be able to place bets on lots of sports, games, and tournaments while also watching them in real-time.

    For many people, the betting experience is an important part. Although we believe the online market does this well, a land-based Maryland sports betting operator probably delivers this better.

    Below is a list of the land-based gambling locations that are expected to offer Maryland sports betting during 2022:

    • M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore
    • Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore
    • Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone
    • Ocean Downs Casino in Berlin
    • MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill
    • Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore
    • Hollywood Casino in Perryville

    Best MD sports betting sites January 2022

    In order to claim a spot on the list of the Best Maryland sports setting sites, it is required that a couple of requirements are fulfilled. With about 60 Maryland sports betting sites fighting for placings, we have picked out those we think will do best.

    To end up on the Best Maryland sports betting list, their offers, funding options, and the number of sports offered must be great. As you can read further down on this site.

    DraftKings sports betting

    They’re known from beforehand for their spectacular DFS, the DraftKings Sportsbook in Maryland is our number one choice! The DFS offering, and lately their sports betting, offerings and features for bettors in several states.

    There’s a lot to gain here, and MD residents just long for the launch of this sports betting provider. DK maryland sports betting is expected to be one of the biggest in the state.

    FanDuel sports betting site

    The FanDuel Maryland sports betting site has made a significant impact in several states where they hold licenses and tops the respective lists just as well. Here you may find several sports to bet on, a great welcome offers, and many more great campaigns.

    This Maryland sports betting site was among the first to launch in NJ, the first state to legalize online sports betting. After the initial launch, they have only expanded and are found in almost all possible states in the US today.

    Our list of the betting sites to be licensed in Maryland will show that this brand’s betting site will be one of best on the market. If this is the case, we can see lots of campaigns, and an easy use of their Maryland sports betting website.

    Golden Nugget betting site

    The popular land-based casino in Las Vegas also offers a Maryland sports betting site. This sports betting sites has taken Americans by storm and lets us place bets through their awesome website, where the gaming experience is top-notch.

    In addition to this, we can also see that great offers are frequently distributed in states where they hold licenses. For those of you who are curious about whether the Golden Nugget Maryland sports betting site will launch. The answer is, it’s quite possible. They aim to expand and thus apply for a license in the state.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    The Caesar’s sportsbook in Maryland is something that we long for and many other players in the state. It  has long been successful at the land-based casinos around the country. But has now chosen to try to take over the online market. With lots of sports, we can wait no longer to play at Caesars Maryland.

    PointsBet sports betting site

    For those of you who believe in newcomers and that they have a lot to give, we can warmly recommend  PointsBet Maryland sports betting. They’re an Australian sports betting site, which has expanded its market further to the United States and most states with legal sports betting.

    Here, players can find good offers on their favorite sports. In addition to this, at PointsBet MD, players collect points when they bet, which can then be used later to collect exclusive campaigns. The PointsBet Betting site in Maryland will be a huge contender for the Maryland sports betting market.

    BetRivers sports betting site

    One sports betting site that we just long for to place bets at is the BetRivers Maryland betting website. Why? Because their features offered in other states are unique and give significant advantages to the players.

    At this betting site, MD players will have access to massive welcome features, which can be used on lots of sports on their site. They also offer incredible customer support, where help and answers to questions are answered faster than you can say Maryland sports betting!

    For those of you who long for the this brand’s sports betting site in Maryland, we can only hope that they are among the first to be licensed and launched soon.

    Fox Bet sports site

    Fox Bet Maryland and its sports betting site in MD, is a bit of a newcomer to the industry and perhaps an unknown one for those wondering.

    For example, This MD sports betting provider is a joint venture of their channel and The Stars Group, which was recently launched with the desire to expand. Therefore, it is also highly likely that they will be among the 60 Maryland sports betting sites licensed.

    BetAmerica is WynnBet

    Today, the BetAmerica Maryland sports betting site was one of the most widely used in states such as New Jersey, Indiana, and Penn State. Everything that a player can wish for is gathered at their Maryland sports betting app.By this, we mean exclusive campaigns and offers, great betting odds in Maryland, including live ones.

    This online betting brand was owned by Churchill Downs, which is the home of the world-famous Derby. Therefore, it is not surprising that they aim for it and thus outshine other betting companies offering this sport.

    Today, we can announce that this brand no longer goes under its former name. Since the brand was transitioned. Now you can find their collab with TwinSpires Maryland, instead.

    Maryland sports betting types


    For those of you who are curious and wonder which sports betting Maryland is available? The answer is quickly answered, a lot. There will be plenty of different sports available for sports betting in Maryland.

    Everything from classic American sports to the more unique ones that have found their way onto the sports betting Maryland sites over the years. Below we list a selection of sports and events for sports betting Maryland offers.

    • Know what sports you want to bet on
    • Signup on chosen operator
    • Find top picks for the sports
    • Start your sports betting Maryland accounts!

    Options for sports betting Maryland

    Today, you have a plethora of sports betting Maryland options. But how does it really work?

    Well, because there are many sports globally, with associated series, a player can choose from a wide variety when it is time to bet. In recent years, the interest in betting on events has also increased, and sports betting Maryland operators have met this demand, making it possible to bet on loads of events. But more on that later.

    Today, many sports are being played, with series in all different divisions. So for us who love sports betting Maryland oprtions, it has become a joy, as there’s always an upcoming game.

    But which sport should you choose? It is obvious to us that you should always choose a sport you know and follow. It gives you a slight advantage when betting and thus increases the chance of winning. If you are curious about which one of all the sports for sports betting Maryland list , we have gathered them below.

    Sports betting Maryland events

    But as we also mentioned earlier, the interest to bet on events in MD has increased. But what does it mean to bet on events, and which events in the US are available for betting? For betting on non-sporting events, states can choose to ban this. If this is the case for MD sports betting, we can not yet say.

    However, we can see that betting on events has a high demand in Maryland. And we, therefore, chose to list these as possible events to bet on in the future. Below you can see a comprehensive list of different events for sports betting Maryland complied, from the US and worldwide.

    Maryland Teams to bet on

    In addition to the many sports and events for sports betting Maryland, we think you should also look at the Maryland Teams to bet on. Today, sports betting Maryland offers bets on local professional teams. Find your pick of Maryland sportsbooks.

    For those of you interested, there is the option to place bets on:

    • The Baltimore Ravens (Football)
    • The Baltimore Orioles (Baseball)

    MD sports betting


    When signing up for sports betting in Maryland online, you will need to make sure you are aware of the sports betting regulations and laws in the state.

    For instance, you must be atleast 21 years of age in order to legally use sports betting in Maryland online. For sports betting in Maryland you will need to be within the state boundaries. In addition, sports betting in Maryland fans will not be able to place bets on college games that are taking place in the state.

    Best MD sports betting experience

    As mentioned earlier on, our goals is to provide an comprehensive guide to find the best MD sports betting site that you can utilize to full extent.

    • Finding top MD sports betting
    • Be atleast 21 year old
    • Need to be inside the state boundaries
    • Guide with information and several picks for you

    Sports Betting in Maryland picks


    As expected, there will be many sites for Sports betting in Maryland for players to sign up for. For those interested, players can choose to register on all of them to access all the campaigns. But for just that, you will need to have betting accounts on all sports betting sites in Maryland, which may be tiresome.

    Register for sports betting in Maryland

    For you to register on sites for sports betting in Maryland, this is done both quickly, easily, and entirely painless. The most difficult of all is choosing which betting site in MD you should support. If you have chosen a betting site you want to bet on, you can follow the simple steps below to register at the desired site.

    1. Visit the website in your browser.
    2. Click on “Sign up,” which will take you to another page for registration.
    3. Fill in all the fields requested in the registration form. This is usually reasonably basic personal information, such as:
    4. Name
    5. Date of birth
    6. Social security number
    7. Email address
    8. Phone number
    9. Address

    Once you have completed this part, you may be asked if you have a code. You’ll find them in our list of all the offers in Maryland or our comparison lists.

    After submitting the code, all that remains is to accept the terms and then create an account with your desired password. Then you’re done! You have now registered at a betting site in MD.

    Banking options at Sports betting in Maryland

    There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to banking options at sports betting MD. With everything from e-wallets to credit cards, bank transfers, and prepaid cards, you are guaranteed to find a banking option that suits you.

    Each sports betting in Maryland site offers different banking options for both deposits and withdrawals. Meaning there is no single list that applies to all betting sites, as they choose who they want to partner up with.

    We have listed the options in their independent reviews for more detailed information about each individual betting site. In addition to banking options, you will find campaigns, MD betting promos, and other fun deals to take part in there.

    But for the general list of banking options at sports betting in Maryland sites, you can look at our list below. All payment methods for both deposits and fast payouts in MD are gathered in our list.

    Benefits with MD sports betting


    For those of you who are fed up with retail MD sports betting and the fact that you constantly have to adapt to bet on your favorite teams, MD sports betting online can be something for you.

    Today, there’s plenty of benefits with sports betting Maryland state, ones that were previously not even thought of. To easily take part in these and consider whether betting online is something for you, we have presented the top 3 benefits of online betting below.

    MD Sports betting features

    With a Maryland sports betting bonus, you’ll have access to many campaigns offered on each site. This means that you will be able to collect welcome offers at 60 licensed MD sports betting sites.

    This amount is incredible and something unique to Maryland. And apart from that, there are recurring offers at these online betting sites with daily offers and boosters that will increase your winnings.

    For MD sports betting, the campaigns are unique and nothing that retail sports betting can match. They probably would have liked to offer features because that’s what players are looking for.

    Sports betting MD simple bets

    With sports betting MD, you can bet from wherever you want in the state. This not only leads you to save money on travel expenses, but you also gain additional time.

    Time is money for many, and it will be a win-win for you to bet online, from wherever you want. You no longer need to plan out trips to your local retail betting parlor to place bets on your team but can do so just minutes before a game starts, straight from your phone.

    Therefore, MD sports betting allows you to save not only money but also valuable time. Which is a significant advantage, which many players appreciate.

    MD sports betting live streaming

    Nowadays, online sports betting in the USA also offer the opportunity to watch the game live, and place bets live bets in MD, at their betting sites. As long as you have either placed a bet or have money in your betting account, you can stream the game live.

    This is incredible, and MD sports betting sites have developed on this to offer what retail bookies do. There are simply many benefits with MD sports betting, ones that retail bookies can’t even compete with.

    This, of course, makes them unique and wanted. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that a total of 60 sports betting sites will be launched in MD shortly.

    FAQ’s about Maryland Sports Betting

    Is Maryland sports betting legal?

    In April 2021, both the House and the Senate voted through the bills that legalize Maryland sports betting for online and retail. With that said, sports betting is legal in Maryland, and wagering started in  late 2022.

    Are there any legit sports betting in Maryland?

    60 of the betting sites will be licensed, which allow Maryland residents to place bets online.

    Can I place bets for sports betting in Maryland?

    Yes, MD sports betting is available for residents of the state.

    Can I bet on other stuff than leagues in Maryland?

    Yes. for example, you can bet on the Super Bowl in Maryland.

    Where can I find Maryland online sports betting websites?

    We will list them all the best MD online sports betting websites on this page. Then you can, with our comparison tool, easily filter and find the best.

    Can I place bets 24/7 at MD online betting sites?

    Yes, you can place bets at different matches and events all around the world 24/7 at the MD online sports betting sites.