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Maryland Olympics betting

Olympics betting in Maryland is easy if you follow the tips and tricks we offer in this guide. Every four years, the Olympics gives bettors in MD an opportunity to place wagers on some of the most talented and gifted athletes around the world.

So read our guide about how to bet on the Olympics in Maryland!

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Guide to betting on the Olympics

Since the Olympics are scheduled for a four year rotation you don’t want to miss your chance to make smart wagers while you have it. And you certainly don’t want to fumble the ball with wagers that aren’t likely to pay off. Only to have to wait another four years to get a crack at redemption. With the tips and tricks highlighted below that’s not ever going to be a problem again!

Best sportsbooks in MD for Olympics betting 2024

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Find a great online sportsbook for the Olympics in MD

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Olympics betting, though. It’s important to highlight just how valuable the right Maryland online betting sites is to your betting future.

A quality sportsbook is going to be your “home of operations” when placing bets. Ideally not just on the Olympics but on all your favorite sports and event betting in general, too.

The best Olympics betting Maryland platforms are going to be trustworthy. Have a great reputation for fair betting odds and competitive lines, and are going to have safe and secure banking options you can rely on, too.

To help you sift through all the different Olympics betting options in Maryland, here’s a rundown of our five favorites!

BetMGM Olympics odds

Owned and operated by the same company that owns MGM casinos and resorts around the world. This is one of the best and most polished online sportsbooks you’ll find. The odds are good, the betting variety is solid, and the banking options are secure.

PointsBet Olympics lines

Folks looking for the most variety when betting on the Olympics are going to want to seriously consider jumping on PointsBet ASAP. Known for having some of the most varied betting lines in the business. You’ll be able to get in on exactly the kind of action you’re after here.

DraftKings Olympics betting

Anyone that wants to do some online betting on the Olympics from their mobile phone will want to download DraftKings right away. The mobile experience here is second to none, really polished and secure.

FanDuel Olympics odds

With low betting minimums everyone can get in on the Olympics betting action at FanDuel. Perfect for casual fans that just want a taste of Olympic betting as well as more serious sports bettors looking to put down larger wagers, FanDuel has something for everyone.

Barstool Olympics odds

Barstool has built a legendary brand and community in the world of sports and all of that has carried over to this world-class sportsbook. Betting options are great, odds are competitive, banking solutions are safe and secure. Barstool sports also offer a welcome aboard bonus of $1000 deposit match.

Breaking down the betting options during the Olympics

After finding the right Olympics betting Maryland platform to get started with. It’s time to look at the kinds of betting options you’ll have available at these games.

Moneyline or straight bets

Moneyline wagers (sometimes called straight betting or straight up betting) are likely the most common kind of bet you’ll see put down on the Olympic Games.

All you really have to do with this wager is pick who you think is going to win (or who you think will come home with the silver or the bronze). That’s it, that’s everything there is to it!

Spread betting

Betting the spread during the Olympics isn’t possible on every single game or match. But a lot of the sporting events that generally have spread betting when not held during the Olympics (soccer, basketball, etc.) are going to make it easy to bet the spread here, too.

Olympic totals

Totals betting is often considered one of the “Big Three” of the betting on Olympics types you’ll have to pick and choose from. Ranking right up there in popularity with the moneyline and the spread.

Sometimes called over/under betting, the idea here is that oddsmakers set a specific number for let’s say how many gold medals the US is going to bring home during the entire Olympics. Maybe the oddsmaker sets that at 45.5.

Players are then able to pick either the over or the under of that total, getting paid the over if 46 medals or more are secured by the US and getting paid the under if 45 or less medals are brought home by the United States.

Olympic futures

Olympic futures aren’t quite as popular as they are with other sporting events. If only because you know you have to wait at least four years for these wagers to come true.

At the same time, if you see young up and coming athletes at the current games that are being “blocked” from the podium by athletes that are getting a little older and likely to retire after these games it might not be a bad idea to put down futures bets on them.

Prop betting on the Olympics

Prop betting on the Olympics is always a lot of fun. Mostly because there are so many different events and so many different athletes which opens up almost unlimited opportunities for prop Olympic odds.

Popular Olympic props include:

  • Will the US men’s basketball team win the gold?
  • If a runner break the world record for the 100 m dash?
  • Will anyone beat the gold-medal record held by Michael Phelps?

… And things of that nature!

Some folks even do a bit of prop betting on how long the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games are going to last!

Olympic betting choices in Maryland

Because the Olympics hand out medals for the first, second, and third place finishers (gold, silver, and bronze respectively), there may be some options for betting on Olympics events that you might not be used to seeing when betting on more traditional sports.

To Qualify – This kind of wager is generally a Moneyline option. Simply put down to show your confidence in a specific athlete to qualify for the actual medal competitions. This opens up the field a little bit as you don’t necessarily have to pick the winner of the event. Just pick someone who qualifies to move forward.

To Win – It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than this. This is basically the Moneyline pick, putting your money down on who you think is going to win a specific event (or go home with the gold-medal).

To Podium – This bet is put down for athletes you think are going to be somewhere on the podium. All your pick has to do is come in first, second, or third for you to cash out.

To Set a World Record – This kind of wager is a little risky (and the odds as well as the payout usually reflect that), but it feels like every Olympics someone sets a new world record in some event. Keep your ear to the ground to see who’s making the most buzz about setting a world record before putting down this kind of bet.

To Be Disqualified – Think of this as a “reverse” bet, where you aren’t betting so much on someone to win, someone to podium, or someone to qualify but are instead betting that someone is going to be disqualified.

Olympics betting strategies in Maryland

Don’t bet on everything

A really effective strategy for Olympics betting Maryland players is not spreading yourself too thin.

A lot of people get jazzed up about the Olympics. Get sucked into the excitement and the action (not to mention the almost nonstop competitive schedule) and find that they don’t have any money to play with after two or three days of betting. Don’t let that happen to you!

Beware trap bets

While it may be tempting to want to put money down on an Olympic game or match where players look like they are completely outclassing the competition. That’s not always a smart move – at least not at the qualification round.

Some athletes are going to recognize that they are the dominant force in that competition and take things a little easier, working to elevate their fitness level for the “main event” while just making sure that they qualify. Steer clear of those kinds of Olympics betting options.

Over/Unders on finish times can be big winners

Historic finish times (especially these days) can be a good indicator of how athletes are going to perform in a variety of different races and events. But also give you a good idea of how likely the over or the under on a specific event is going to hit.

Pay attention to finish times in the last few Olympics (as well as whether the over or the under hit more often than not) and you’ll be in a much better position to go home a winner yourself.

Pay attention to injury and schedule reports

Injury and scheduling reports, as well as how individual athletes have performed in the lead up to the Olympics, have a major impact on betting lines and betting odds.

You certainly want to know if a favorite is in peak physical condition or laboring under an undisclosed injury. But you also want to know if an elite level athlete has been competing in a lot of events, spreading themselves too thin, and hurting their opportunity to win a medal in a specific event.

FAQ’s About Olympics betting Maryland

Can I bet live on the Olympics in Maryland?

Certain events during the Olympics can be live bet (most of the team matches, for example), but a lot of events – particularly individual events on the track and field and in the swimming pool – are just too fast paced for live betting to be feasible. Check your Olympics betting Maryland platform for more information.

Are Olympics parlays worth checking out in MD?

Parlays are very tricky when it comes to the Olympics. If only because there are so many different ways to combine different parlays together and so many different variables to try to track. The payoff can be spectacular with these kinds of wagers, though.

Should I bet on qualifying rounds or just the podium contests?

Qualifying rounds and the podium contests can offer a lot of excitement, but there’s more “drama” during the qualifying rounds more often than not. By the time you get to the podium contests you usually know how things are going to settle down and shake out.

How important is it to shop for odds at different Olympics sports betting platforms?

Hugely important! One of the most important things you can do is sign up for multiple accounts on different Olympics betting Maryland platforms to shop for odds. Always looking for the best Olympics betting lines available on any particular contest you are considering.

Is it legal to be betting on the Olympics online in MD?

Thanks to a landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court in 2018 sports betting in the United States is 100% legal! Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed legislation into law in 2020 to open up online sportsbooks, too.