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Sports markets in MD

We look at 20 of the most popular sports you can bet on in Maryland and the professional sports teams you find in-state. Read our full guide about the sports markets in Maryland and which you can bet on!

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How to bet on sports in MD

MD sports betting is nothing without a variety of high-risk events to bet on, and the list of those goes on and on. Maryland has plenty of opportunities for sports you can bet on, and we explore several of those MD sports market options here. If you are loyal to the Old Line State then you have a few professional sports teams you can follow and bet on as the season pass.

Top sports to bet on in Maryland

Maryland sportsbooks covers a variety of sports, and we have listed your most popular options below.


Maryland Football betting fanatics have the most options following the season from July to January. Starting with training camp bets and ending with the mother of all events within the sport’s category.


The regular season runs from March to September or early October, but you need to follow the post-season to November for more opportunities and the famed World Series game. Get to know your bonus options before you start Baseball betting in Maryland.


The regular season for NBA games is usually October to April with the NBA Playoffs ending in June. During this time you have more than 1200 Basketball games you can bet on in MD.


The MD hockey betting season scheduled with the NHL runs from October to early April, but the Stanley Cup Playoffs take bettors through June to determine which team will reign over the rest.


While you have plenty of opportunities with golf betting in MD you can follow the PGA tour for a more effortless experience. Three of the four majors take place between June and August.


Professional tennis like the ATP World Tour, WTA Tour, or other professional tours run a year-round season, and you can find several tournaments each week to place your MD Tennis bets on.


Because Motorsports betting in MD cover a variety of subjects you need to narrow it down to determine what you are betting on. Are you only interested in NASCAR, or do you want to broaden your horizons? These will make a difference in your account choice and opportunities.


This sport is the most popular sport to bet on worldwide, but MLS in the United States runs a season from late February to October with post-season playoffs through November. Learn more about Soccer betting in Maryland, and what you should have in mind before placing a bet.


Your time for betting on Rugby in MD changes depending on where your focus is, but Major League Rugby in the United States runs its season in temperable months from March to August with 16 regular-season games.


Betting options on e-sports in MD can be found year-round. Look for tournaments involving major games like Call of Duty or League of Legends for the best betting opportunities.

Table tennis

Table tennis betting in MD is another sport with a year-long season, and you can focus on major tournaments for better betting opportunities. Some of the biggest ones are the European Championship, the International Table Tennis Federation Championship, and the Asian Table Tennis Union Championship.


Cycling betting in MD usually runs from January to October and encompasses major tours like the Tour de France, La Vuelta en España, and Giro d’Italia.


If you are looking for major Darts events to bet on then consider Premier League Darts from February to May. Beyond this, you also have tournaments like the Grand Slam of Darts, World Grand Prix, and the Players Championship.


The Premier Lacrosse League runs a season from June to September and results in a championship game with plenty of Lacrosse betting prop bets on things like MVPs and the best players in their positions.


Contrary to popular belief, billiards betting is not only the American pool. For the best opportunities look at Snooker and Russian pool. In addition, major events are held often throughout the year, including the World Cup in April, Shanghai Masters in September, and European Championship in December.


Volleyball has plenty of variables to consider when searching for opportunities, including gender (men’s, women’s, coed) and court terrain (indoor or beach). In addition, look for opportunities in the Olympics, FIVB World Championships, and World Grand Champions Cup.

Horse racing

If you want to stick to domestic horse race betting in MD your best bets will be on the Triple Crown Races in May and June. However, international betting opportunities can also be lucrative, and you may find more variety in race types.


If you are surprised you can bet on wrestling in Maryland you are not alone, but this sport has plenty of unique narratives to explore and wager on. Wrestling also includes Sumo with six major tournaments spread out through the calendar year. Another similar category you can bet on is the WWE in MD.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA betting in Maryland on UFC events follows a year-round schedule and proves to be a great option for those who need a backup plan between the other sports they bet on.


Boxing is another sport with plenty of variables to consider. You can focus on a specific league or weight class, but you will always have exciting bets to place on Boxing in MD.

Professional sports teams in Maryland

Baltimore Ravens (NFL)

The Ravens are Maryland’s AFC North Division team based out of Baltimore. The team plays home games at M;T Bank Stadium and has qualified for the NFL playoffs a total of 13 times. The team is an excellent choice if you’re looking to bet on the NFL in Maryland.

Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

The Orioles, named after Maryland’s state bird, belong to the MLB’s American League East Division. They have played home games at Oriole Park in Camden Yards since 1992, and have nicknames like “The O’s” and “The Birds”. For Baseball fans looking to participate in MLB betting in MD the Orioles seldom disappoint.

FAQs Sports markets in MD

Which sports markets in MD have the most betting opportunities?

The sports with the most betting opportunities are the ones that have active fanbases in the United States. These are usually football, basketball, or baseball, but soccer has the best betting opportunities worldwide. Check out the operators sports betting apps in Maryland here.

Is betting on more than one sport a waste of time?

Betting on more than one sport is a waste of time if you cannot adequately prepare to place bets in both sports. This means that you need to know the basic strategies for both sports and keep up with stats and events for both.

How far out can I place future bets on sports?

You can usually place future bets as soon as the season kicks off, but some will open these lines earlier than that.

What do I do if I follow a less popular sport and want to bet on it?

Less popular sports are harder to find lines on, but when you find an operator that offers betting on them you should be set. It might take a bit more research on your part, but most major ones do their best to offer bets on as many sports as they can.

What can I do when my sport is out of season?

When your sport is out of season you can choose another sport to bet on, but you should still keep up on the status of your sport. Pay attention to any news relating to teams and players or any changes made during this time.

What kind of sports betting offers can I use while betting in MD?

Various online bookmakers are now entering the legal sports betting industry in Maryland. This is great news for sports bettors, as they will now be able to get advantageous deals from various operators. The best part about all this is that you can now use the various sports betting bonuses to make your bets more lucrative.