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Motorsports betting in Maryland

While most people do not think that motorsports need any more adrenaline, throwing Motorsports betting in Maryland in the mix can make that thrill so sweet. It is nowhere near as complicated as it seems. Therefore, we have created a short guide on all you need to know to get started.

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Motorsports betting guide in MD

Motorsports betting is pretty straightforward, but there are plenty of variables that can put a pothole in your betting course. Make sure you are prepared by choosing the right motorsports sportsbooks, understanding the basic betting types, and keeping a solid foundation of motorsports knowledge.

Soon you will be able to expand your motorsports betting to cover more racing and betting types in Maryland.

Our top picks for Motorsports betting in Maryland


Overall we have seen the most promise in the following motorsports sportsbooks in Maryland:

  • DraftKings Maryland Motorsports: Useful stats up and live updates, a variety of bonus options, and clean apps for both Android and iOS devices
  • PointsBet Maryland Motorsports Betting: Faster processing times, best welcome bonus, great for moneylines, motorsport odds are great for all betting types
  • FanDuel MD Motorsports: Best for future and prop bets, clean interface, decent sized bonus
  • BetMGM Maryland Motorsports Bets: Competitive odds, calculates potential winnings for you, quick verification
  • Barstool Sportsbook MD Motorsports: Already has a heavy online presence, streamlined interface, updates with Barstool personalities, competitive odds

Choosing at least two from this list ensures that you have a safe way to bet competitively.

Choosing the right Motorsports sportsbooks MD


Notice that we say Maryland sportsbooks, meaning multiple. When you are looking for a place to bet, it is important to find at least two that meet your needs. This will allow you to have the best chance at finding valuable bets because each sportsbook posts different odds.

Use these general guidelines to help you find which sportsbooks are right for you.

Check reviews and licensing

When you are looking for an MD sports betting site, you can easily thin out your search by removing any with excessive negative reviews or any that lack the proper licensing.

While reviews are a key indicator of a sportsbook’s performance, you should keep in mind that people who have a bad experience by their own hand will be quick to blame the sportsbook. So, take negative reviews with a grain of salt until they start to add up.

A sportsbook should be licensed, and it should be easy for you to find their licensing information. There are several gambling authorities worldwide, so you might have to do a bit more research, but taking the time to ensure proper licensing can save you in the long run.

Match up financial needs

Before you commit to a sportsbook, make sure it can handle your financial needs. Things to consider here are:

  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Deposit and withdrawal processing time
  • Processing fees
  • Maximum/minimum limits

Consider Motorsports betting bonuses in MD

One of the first things you will notice when shopping for a sportsbook is that they have some attractive welcome betting bonuses. Do not be fooled by the first one you see; almost every sportsbook offers one, though some are larger than others.

Some of the largest welcome bonuses we have seen:

  • DraftKings: $500 welcome bonus
  • PointsBet: $500 insurance bonus bet for fixed odds; $1,500 insurance bonus bet for Points Betting
  • FanDuel: $1,500 No-Sweat First Bet
  • BetMGM: $600 Insurance bonus bet
  • Barstool Sportsbook: $1,000 insurance bonus bet; $10 registration bonus

On top of this welcome bonus, some sportsbooks offer regular bonuses to spice up your motorsports betting experience. DraftKings specifically has a reputation built around its regularly updated array of bonuses.

Compare odds

Compare the odds between different sportsbooks before committing. This will help you make sure you are picking the right ones for the bets you plan on placing, but it also gets you in the habit of comparing odds.

You should compare the different motorsports betting lines before you commit to one pretty much every time you go to place a bet, but you may be able to find a groove depending on your preferred betting type.

Different types of Motorsports bets



This is the most popular type of bet for all kinds of sports. In a moneyline, you will wager on who you believe will win the race, whether it is a driver or a team.

These are easy enough to bet on because the odds are usually straightforward. For example, if Driver A has odds of -110 and Driver B has odds of +150, then you will know that Driver A is favored to win because their odds are lower.

Stage winners

Stage winner bets are similar to moneylines, but they deal specifically with who will be in the lead at the different stages of the races. They are more popular in NASCAR races because there are two initial stages before the final stage of the race.

Matchup bets

A matchup bet allows you to focus on just two drivers or teams, which is useful in toning down the number of options you have in motorsports betting.

In a matchup bet, you are not even betting on who will win the race. Your pick just needs to finish higher than the other. They could both crash, but as long as you pick the one that crashed last, you will win your bet.

Pole position

Pole position bets are pretty self-explanatory. You choose who you believe will have the fastest qualifying time and secure the pole position.

This type of bet is considered a “fun” bet, and it is great for helping increase excitement leading up to the race. Just keep in mind that drivers perform differently in their qualifying race than they do when surrounded by other drivers, so you need to know how that performance factors in when betting on pole position.

Podium finish bet

In this type of bet, you choose one driver that you believe will finish in the top three. You do not need to pick where they will finish. As long as they get on the podium, you will win the bet. Podium finish bet type bets are more popular in F1 and Indy races.

Fastest lap

When betting on the fastest lap, you choose the driver you believe will have the fastest time to complete one lap in the race. Keep in mind that this is not average, so a driver who has a quick burst can easily outrun a driver who is known for consistent speed. Your driver does not even have to finish the race for you to win, and they could come in dead last. These things do not affect the outcome of the bet.


These bets tend to deal with end-of-season specifics like championships. The odds shift as time progresses, so it is usually a good idea to get future bets in as soon as you can if you want the biggest reward. Waiting longer can help solidify your idea, but you also risk losing your chance at a sizable payout.


Props are a bit like future bets, but they exist within one race. A propositional bet is usually more trivial and has no direct outcome on the race. Examples include:

  • How long will the national anthem be?
  • How long will the race last?
  • Will the xx record be broken in the race?

Because there is little knowledge to help you navigate a prop bet, they are trickier, but a lot of people enjoy the thrill and laid-back approach.

3 Basic rules for Motorsports betting in Maryland


Focus on a race type

This does not mean you are limited to watching one racing type, but limiting yourself to betting on one gives you time to master betting before spreading out.

The most common motorsports types you can bet on are:

You should choose the one that is already most familiar to you.

Keep up with stats

Statistics are what feed your betting decisions, so you want to make sure yours are as fresh as possible.

If you look at a motorsport win, you can almost always break it down into a specific set of measurable qualities. Luck and chance certainly affect motorsports races, but they do not hold the same weight as cold hard facts.

Pay attention to conditions

This refers to driver, team, and terrain conditions. You should know how drivers perform in different settings so you can apply that to each race. The same goes for the team. When you combine this knowledge with what you know about the race (e.g., weather), you will be best equipped to make a decision regarding your bet.

Other sports in the state that you can bet on:

FAQ’s About Motorsports betting in Maryland

Which race type should I choose to start betting in MD?

Your best bet is to choose the one that is most familiar to you. By choosing the race you are most familiar with. Thus, you start at less of a disadvantage. Even if other race types have better payouts, that means nothing when you cannot accurately predict the outcomes.

How risky is Motorsports betting in MD?

Motorsports betting is no riskier than any other sport. In fact, there is plenty of opportunity in motorsports betting in MD to downsize your bet and decrease your risk.

Do Motorsports betting in Maryland benefit my community?

The revenue made from all sports betting in Maryland will go to public education. This means that your motorsports bets can play a part in an estimated $20 million in tax revenue directed to education.

Which Maryland Motorsports betting types are the best to start with?

Matchup bets are pretty easy to figure out. As long as you have a good idea of how the two drivers will perform comparatively, you should be able to figure it out. Just remember to factor in how the overall race will affect each driver. They aren’t racing only each other.

Can I make a living off Motorsports betting in MD?

Motorsports betting will not provide a sustainable income when you start, but you may find it to be fruitful as you put more effort in. Betting is great for bulking up income, but because it can be volatile, you should not consider it a root source of income.