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MD betting bonus

Win, lose or break even with a free bet or two — bonuses on MD betting sites have your back. There are many bonuses on MD betting sites for you to make your experience even more enjoyable and wealthy, everything from incentives just from signing up for sites and referring others to them to free bet bonuses and deposit matches.

Bonus offerings at MD sportsbooks

Here’s a closer look at some of the exciting bonus you can play with on MD online sportsbooks bonus offers.

Whether it’s simply signing up and referring fans or taking advantage of matching deposits, sports fans can use an array of bonuses to sweeten their winnings pot or make up for bets that may not work out as planned.

Maryland sports betting bonuses come early and are sustained while you join online sports betting sites and continue to pay, either at low levels or through high bets that can yield high rewards.

Maryland sports betting bonuses benefit both first-time and amateur bettors, as well as experienced sports fans who take pleasure in playing along with their favorite times. All one has to do is play.

MD Betting Promo codes


Different promotions are almost always offered as special bonuses with sports betting in the state. MD betting promo codes play a significant role when attracting new bettors, or simply to reward loyal ones. With a special promo code you can in MD, type in the bonus code in your sports betting account and review a huge boost.

Here are some that utilize MD Betting Promo Codes offers with subject to change:

Online betting promotions in Maryland

Let’s say you receive a special promotion from an online betting provider, either in form of a promo code or just a extra deposit in your account, you can easily access and use the promotions from your online betting account on said sports betting site. All of this seems easy enough.

MD Sign-up bonus sportsbooks


A reward just for joining a sports betting site in Maryland? Yes, it’s yours. Sign-up bonuses are some of the most common — and most beneficial — ways to earn and use money through online sportsbooks.

All the major sports betting sites in Maryland are clamoring for your business, and sign-up bonuses are a way to attract bettors in an increasingly competitive market. It’s simple. All you have to do is register for a site. Then, you are typically sent a one-time promo code that rewards you for either your first wagers or first deposits.

These welcome bonus in MD range in value and in terms and conditions but typically give you a set “free bet” reward ranging from $200-$500 or match your first deposit up to a certain amount. For example, a 100% match on your first deposit up to $500. In that case, if you deposit $300, you’ll end up with $600 in funds to play with.

Signing-up bonuses are commonplace for a MD betting bonus, and the values have increased as competition has heated up — even on the biggest sportsbooks with bonuses.

Often, they come in the form of free bets or risk-free bets, which generally mean that when you make a deposit or a bet on your own, to get a free bet reward from the online sportsbook. Risk-free bets mean that you won’t lose cash even if you lose a bet.

Best sign-up bonus MD

  • FanDuel : New users get up to $1,000 in credit on your first bet if you lose.
  • PointsBet: Two risk-free bets up to $2,000, refunded as a free bet if you lose.
  • BetMGM: You can start things off with a risk-free first bet of $600.
  • Fox Bet: First bets up to $100 are matched. New players get a $20 bet credit for registering on the Fox Bet iPhone app.

Deposit and No Deposit Bonus MD


The majority of bonuses for MD online betting can be yours just for playing. When you make deposits to play, several betting sites thank you for that with matching bonuses, which, as its name implies, matches your deposit in some form.

These can come in the form of 100% matches (when you deposit $200, that means $400 is coming your way), and those are traditionally given to first-time users.

But other matching bonuses benefit long-time users. Several sites offer 50% matches for deposits. Some even go beyond the 100% match, offering 200% matches and up for smaller regular deposits.

Initial deposit bonuses are often as big as incentives to wager as sign-up bonuses. Sometimes they are one and the same. Deposit bonuses are often credited automatically to your online account and usually don’t require deposit promo codes to redeem.

There are also no deposit bonuses, which means you can place a wager without depositing any of your own money, and if you win, your winnings are added to your account to keep playing. If you lose such a risk-free bet, you don’t actually lose any money.

Not all risk-free bets also include not depositing money. Certain risk-free bet bonuses can be unlocked when you deposit money and place a wager. If you win, you keep your winnings in full. But if you lose, you’re given a free bet that matches your deposit to give it another shot.

Odds boost bonus in Maryland


Boost bonuses are mainstays on several Maryland online sportsbooks. They often use the odds related to a certain game or sports tournament. Boost promotions encourage you to place a certain wager with odds. Odds are often increased for certain wagers, meaning you can potentially have a bigger payout.

Boosted odds may not increase your chance of winning with your bet, but they could increase the amount of money you make. For example, there may be a big match within college football where there are already large odds related to going for an underdog over a favorite.

With boost bonuses, online sportsbooks increase the odds lines and, therefore, depending on your wager, what your winnings could look like. Some online sportsbooks integrate daily odds boosts or boosted odds for an entire sports season, such as football or basketball.

Many offer boosted odds for big events, like NCAA March Madness or the NFL playoffs. For example, DraftKings groups all their improved odds bonuses for special events under their “Promotions” tab listing of “Odds Boosts.” When you wager, you just add the promo to your bet slip.

Other MD online sportsbooks offer boosted odds every day. For example, PointsBet has several boosted odds on several lines and boosters on local teams relevant to the state where the sportsbook is operating. Some odds boosts are limited to a maximum stake you can win as a result of them.

best odds boost bonus in Maryland

  • PointsBet: Offers regular NBA boosters. One recent example is boosting +110 to +130 on a wager that the Clippers will win and Kawhi Leonard store more than 25 points. That means a potential $50 bet could lead to a $115 payout.
  • FoxBet: Offers weekly “Super Boost” promotions.
  • William Hill: Ongoing promotions include “flash odds,” available for about an hour, and “enhanced odds” that last a little longer.
  • FanDuel: Often groups two or three games together into one boost, with an increased payout if each bet is successful.

Other types of online sports betting bonuses

Referral Bonuses

You can even get a bonus without placing a single bet. Many sites reward you for referring friends or family after you register yourself. Usually, both you and whoever you refer to can get free bet credits.

The funds can easily help your overall account. Sometimes they amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Referral bonuses are easy to redeem. Terms and conditions vary depending on the online sportsbook, but most require that you send your friend a unique referral link and that you do not have a negative balance.

Some sites also require that you’re a member for a set amount of time, usually a week or two. A few require you to have made wagers of a certain amount.

Reload bonuses

Everyday bettors can still reap regular bonuses on their wagers. One example is a reload bonus. Reload bonuses reward you for making deposits into your account after your first wager.

For example, when you add more to your account, an online sportsbook may offer up to 25% in bonus to your deposit, fattening your wallet.

Cash bonuses

Cash bonuses are just what they sound like: bonuses in the form of real money, not bets, that you can withdraw from your account. If a site offers cash bonuses, they may have rollover requirements, which means you may have to make a minimum wager to use the bonus, or there may be a set number of bets you need to make before you can withdraw the bonus.

Cashback incentives, also called rebates, usually mean that you get a percentage back from the online sportsbook for every dollar you bet or lose.

Parlay bonuses

Great if you like making sports bets in multiple tiers, parlay bonuses offer small refunds if you lose a multi-tiered parlay by just one leg. Parlay bonuses are particularly helpful if you make high-risk but high-reward bets. They also offer flexible wagering.

For example, FanDuel offers parlay insurance if you make multiple wagers in the same game. It will ensure one of three legs for a maximum refund of $25.

VIP/Loyalty/Rewards bonuses

Some bonuses aren’t related to specific wagers or odds or deposits at all. When you sign up for a particular online sportsbook, many carry special programs where you can earn points for each wager (sometimes you can even luck out and get multiple points for each wager).

These can be redeemed for free bets, other bonuses, or physical rewards or prizes. Some sites, such as PointsBet, have an extensive reward system based on the amount you bet and how often you bet. For example, you can get one reward point for every $5 fixed odds bet, one point for every $1 parlay bet, and one point for every dollar won or lost.

FAQ’s About MD betting bonus

Can you receive betting bonus on apps in MD?

Yes, all Maryland sports betting bonuses from sites are applicable on a site’s mobile site as well. In fact, some sites offer incentives just for using their apps, including bonuses for making deposits on the app.

Several online sportsbook apps are extraordinarily easy to use and well-designed, offering the full sports betting experience wherever you go.

What sports can I get MD betting bonus on?

You are eligible to receive all Maryland sports betting bonuses earned on online sportsbooks. Bonuses are tied to a wide range of sports, including: Auto racing, Baseball, Basketball, college, and NBA, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Soccer/European football, UFC.

How do you use MD betting bonus winnings?

The same way you would use regular winnings on online sportsbooks.

Maryland sports betting bonuses are added to your account in the form of matched deposits, cashback, or free credits. You can use them on any wagers, but they can expire if you don’t use them in a certain amount of time. Consult your online sportsbook of choice’s rules for bonuses, but sometimes if you don’t use bonuses in, for example, a month, they go away.

Can you redeem a sign-up bonus more than once?

No, and don’t try to get around it. Sign-up bonuses are always one-time offers for new bettors and are tied to an individual account’s promo codes.

Several online sportsbooks use technology to ensure that users cannot find ways to claim a sign-up bonus twice, whether through using different computers or creating different accounts.

How do I withdraw or deposit bonus money?

There are multiple ways to do both, depending on which online betting site you’re using. Sometimes there are minimum deposits that need to be made to use certain methods. Some options for withdrawals include: PayPal, PayNearMe, ACH/e-check, Casino cage.