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GiG and Crab Sports Signed Sports Betting Partnership for Maryland

GiG and Crab Sports Signed Sports Betting Partnership for Maryland

GIG has signed an agreement with the US-based sports betting brand Crab Sports for the delivery of its platform and sportsbook to the state of Maryland, aiming for the launch of MD sports betting online.

Crab Sports moving into the market

Crab Sports is a start-up mobile sportsbook operator based in Maryland, USA, that was founded in 2021. The company’s objective is to provide its Maryland consumers with a unique, really ‘local’ experience that offers them a compelling value proposition that is superior to that of nationally famous sportsbooks. Crab Sports will provide users with the finest possible sports betting experience in the market with its distinctive branding, collaborations with fan favorite businesses, and 100% in-state operations.

How does GiG play into all of this?

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has agreed to supply its award-winning Platform and Sportsbook solution in Maryland to Crab Sports, a US-based sports betting company. This is the first sale in the United States for GiG and Sportnco’s new and considerably enlarged product offering, and it exemplifies the tremendous possibilities of the combined product offering.

How will this affect the local market in Maryland?

That remains to be seen. GiG is a massive titan in the field of sportsbook development. The European market is heavily relied on what Gaming Innovation Group has developed over the years. However, this partnership with Crab Sports might prove fruitful.

Given how GiG is an experienced company, they definitely know how to capture customers.

Crab Sports and GiG seek to enter the Maryland market as contenders with a differentiated strategy by focusing on the local market.

“I am thrilled to have joined with Crab Sports,” stated GiG CEO Richard Brown. Crab Sports’ fantastic crew and local approach have a lot of potential, and Maryland has a lot of potentials as well.

In the end, will GiG and Crab Sports succeed?

Since Maryland will be one of the biggest markets for online wagering, having 60 licenses to acquire for operators, the competition will be fierce. However, GiG knows all about competitive markets, so buckle up, Marylanders, the game is on!

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