WynnBet MD

One of the newest online sports betting platforms in the industry, WynnBET Maryland, was launched in 2021. They’re backed by the same people responsible for the legendary Wynn Resorts and casinos throughout Las Vegas (and around the world).

WynnBet Maryland Bonuses


Like most every other MD sports betting  platform on the market today, WynnBET Maryland players are going to find a whole bunch of bonus and promo offers available – starting the moment that they create their account for the first time.

These bonus and promo deals can be a little bit sporadic and somewhat inconsistent, however. You’ll want to check the app (or the website) every day to see what new deals have come down the pipeline, that’s for sure.

$500 New Player Bonus at WynnBet MD

New Player bonuses provide up to $500 in free wagers (if you lose, your wager is returned to you) depending on how much of an initial deposit you make into your MD sports betting account.

Initial deposits need to be at least $20 in value to trigger this bonus promo but scale all the way up to $500 as well. Just know that your first qualifying bet has to be placed within ten days of you creating your WynnBET Maryland account.

That the odds need to be at least -150 up to +10,000 – and that you have to be placing a straight bet for a parlay. You can’t combine this offer with other bonus and promo deals.

Daily Odds Boosters

You can, however, take advantage of daily odds boosters that significantly increase your odds of winning when you are into online betting – and some of these bonus and promo offers can “stack” together to tilt the odds in your favor.

As highlighted a moment ago, though, these bonus deals change on a 24-hour basis, and you never really know what kind of deal tomorrow is going to bring. Check the app every morning to see if there are daily odds boosters you’d like to take advantage of.

WynnBet MD Promo Code

WynnBET MD likes to get new players into the action as quickly as possible and to do that. They frequently provide promo codes available across their sports betting platform. So, keep your eyes open for those bonus codes.

These offers are really sweet (especially for new players) as they guarantee you’ll get any of the money you wager back if you lose – literally a win-win proposition. The payouts aren’t all that high (no surprise there), but it’s a fun way to dip your toe in the water of online betting for sure.

WynnBet MD Review


Offering one of the most polished online betting experiences (whether you use the mobile app, the mobile website, or the desktop website). With great betting opportunities, competitive lines straight from the folks at Vegas.

And a whole host of other unique features, plenty of MD-based players are looking closely at WynnBET to determine whether or not this should be their home for sports betting going forward.

This review highlights things like WynnBet Maryland’s app, banking, sports offering, and betting markets. Could this be an online sportsbook for you? (Spoiler Alert – it’s not a bad bet to jump on board!) Let’s get right into it, shall we?

WynnBet MD Sportsbook

As far as the mobile betting app in MD, and mobile online experience is concerned, WynnBET has spent a lot of time and money creating a clean, modern, and polished experience, even if it is a little bit lackluster compared to some of the other options out there.

Still, this platform was created less than one year ago. The chances are WynnBET Maryland players are going to find an even better online and mobile experience in the years to come as this platform grows, expands, and is improved upon.

The Mobile App

Mobile apps are available for both the iOS and Android platforms, 100% free of charge from the respective app stores of both of these mobile operating systems.

The mobile app features are identical to the features MD players will find on the website, except for some of the live betting opportunities. The live bets with “live look-in” capabilities are not yet ready for prime time on the mobile experience.

Even still, the navigation is slick and easy to use, the app is swift and responsive, and new features are being added to attract WynnBET Maryland players all the time.

The Mobile Website

The mobile website is a little more feature-rich than the app itself, if only because it is a scaled-down version of the traditional desktop website.

That’s because the whole platform has been built on responsive design principles, essentially giving you access to all the same capabilities regardless of the size of your screen or your device.

Not quite as polished or as user-friendly as the app when you scale things down, though, there’s a reason why many MD players still download the iOS or Android apps even without the “live look-in” capabilities.

Features and Benefits – WynnBet MD

WynnBET has some real standout features worth mentioning, the kinds of standout features that will attract Maryland-based players that want a unique, fun, and exciting sports betting platform to tinker around with.

Awesome Daily Parlay Options

The daily parlay options (separate from the bonus and promo offers we mentioned earlier) give online betting enthusiasts and opportunity to piece together some pretty exciting jackpot offers. If every part of their parlay hits – without taking on the same kind of risk that traditional parlays or teasers from WynnBET bring to the table.

Competitive Odds

Because we are talking about an online betting platform run by the same folks who have casinos in Las Vegas and other locales worldwide, you can expect very competitive odds that are on par with what you’d find in Vegas if you were there in person.

These aren’t necessarily the best odds on the market, but they are right up there for sure.

Wynn Live Betting

As highlighted earlier, the live betting experience through the mobile app is a little bit watered down compared to some of the other choices on the market today. But on the desktop, it’s a whole different story.

Live betting (especially with US-based games) updates very quickly, keeps you in action, and allows you to place wagers while watching the game on your television or another device – all without any headache or hassle.

If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to do a bit of spur-of-the-moment sports betting while a game was going on, the WynnBET platform is for you!

WynnBET MD Banking Methods


WynnBET Maryland players are going to have access to the same suite of banking tools to get money into and out of their account that pretty much every other online betting platform provides.

The significant difference with the WynnBET platform, though, is that you can deposit money directly into your online betting account at the cage at any Wynn Resort or Casino – and can withdraw winnings that way, too.


  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Electronic Bank Transfers (ACH)
  • PlayPlus Prepaid Cards
  • PayPal and Other Online E-Wallets

Being able to get money into your account via cash transfers at a casino cage is pretty cool!


  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Electronic Bank Transfers (ACH)
  • Wire Transfers
  • E-Check
  • Paper Check
  • PlayPlus Prepaid Cards
  • PayPal and Other Online E-Wallets

If you ever want to pull your winnings out, just pop by any local Wynn casino cage, and you’ll be able to do exactly that – coming out with cold, hard cash right on the spot.

Betting Markets and Sports Offerings – WynnBET MD

The overwhelming majority of MD-based players on the WynnBET platform are probably going to be looking to get in on US-based sporting events and teams (like the Baltimore Orioles or the Maryland Terrapins, for example) – and this sports betting platform has you covered there.

Many international games and events can also be bet on when you load up the WynnBET app or jump on the website, too.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA and Boxing
  • Racing (Auto and Cycling)
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis

Types of Bets Available

If you would be able to place a specific type of wager at a physical Wynn casino or resort, you’re going to be able to place that same kind of bet down through the app or website, too.

We are talking about bets and wagers like:
  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Total
  • Parlays
  • Prop bets
  • Futures

Live betting allows you to bet on games as the action unfolds. The odds are constantly updating based on what is happening in the game. Live betting options will vary per market, though.

You can also get in on teaser bets if that’s something that you are interested in, taking out a little bit more risk than a traditional parlay but dramatically increasing your payout potential at the same time.

Customer Support

Through the WynnBET online sportsbook, customer service and support are top-notch, everything you would expect from a casino and resort giant like this one.

You can fire up live chat support directly on the website or through the mobile application, but you can also email customer support if your question isn’t all that pressing.

Of course, phone support is also available if you need immediate help or have a question that is a particularly high priority. The best way to get a hold of phone support as a WynnBET Maryland player is to open up the app and use the contact details.

Final Words

The odds are pretty good that you are going to find a lot more glowingly positive WynnBET review articles online than anything else – and that’s in large part because of how much WynnBET has invested into this online betting platform.

Sure, the overall experience is a little more “raw” than some of the other options right now. But that’s to be expected from a platform that launched less than a year ago.

Even still, WynnBET Maryland players are going to want to give this sports betting setup a shot. The bettig odds are good. You won’t be disappointed.

FAQ’s About WynnBET Maryland

Are only US-based sports available from WynnBet MD?

Absolutely not! American professional and college sports are in heavy focus of the WynnBET betting platform. But there are many international leagues, matches, and games available to be bet on here as well.

Can I change my bets after I submit them at WynnBet MD?

You will not be able to change your bets on the WynnBET platform after you have submitted them. However, in most circumstances (outside of living betting), you’re going to be able to cancel your bets, receive an instant refund, and then can place a different one.

Is there a maximum or minimum bet from WynnBet Maryland?

WynnBET MD does have a five-dollar minimum wager in place but does not limit maximum wagers in any way whatsoever.

How long does it take to get my WynnBet account up and running?

You’ll be able to get your WynnBET account up and running in about five minutes or less, though sometimes it’ll take a little bit longer to confirm personal information and banking details.

How long does it take to get paid my winnings?

If you win a wager, your money is going to be immediately added to your account. Right there on the spot. Withdrawing your winnings can take between two and five business days, depending on the way that you’ve withdrawn your money.