UFC Betting Maryland

For anyone interested in UFC betting in Maryland. It is extremely important that you know how to bet. Not all wagers are black and white. To be honest, the majority of them are not. So, understanding what each type of bet is and how to play them properly is crucial to winning.

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Place your UFC bets in MD today!

Having plenty of knowledge of each UFC fighter and their performance is only half the battle when it comes to placing wagers in Maryland. You also need to understand how to place each bet and which bets provide better payouts. Having access to a great sportsbook website with plenty of promo codes helps, too.

Here, we will provide you with some of the most common bets to place on a UFC fight in Maryland and the pros and cons of each one, as well as the best sites to place these bets with.

Top 5 Sportsbooks for UFC Betting in MD

If you understand the ins and outs of each form of UFC betting, we want to give you a list of the best Maryland online sportsbooks.


Barstool made its debut in September 2020, making it one of the youngest sports betting sites out there. However, this company has earned its way to the top of the sports betting sites through its amazing deals and excellent customer service.


Placing a UFC fight wager is simple with the DraftKing website and mobile app. Each platform is easy to navigate and offers customers a wide variety of bets to place and services, making sports betting an enjoyable time.


Pointsbet sportsbook is professional, secure, and straightforward. Setting up an account is quick and painless. Once you have an account, you can start placing bets right away. In addition, this company works with the majority of major financial institutions, making deposits and withdrawals easier than ever.


FanDuel made the list of top sportsbooks because of their frequent promotions and bonuses offered to their new customers and frequent fliers daily. In addition, the website is very easy to understand, and placing bets is a breeze.


You will never have a hard time using the BetMGM website or app. The company’s customer service is phenomenal, and its platforms are extremely easy to use. In addition, many of their UFC fights have offers or promos attached, giving you better odds to win big money.

UFC Betting in Maryland – The available markets

Moneyline betting on the UFC in Maryland

When wagering on a Moneyline bet on a UFC match, you are betting on who you believe will win that fight. It doesn’t matter which method is used to win, as long as your fighter wins.

Pros of Moneyline betting on the UFC

This is one of the most straightforward bets to place. They are simple and can be found frequently in all types of events.

Cons of Moneyline bets – UFC

These types of bets often provide only small payouts. Also, if you are on board and want to wager on your favorite fighter, you will have to place more money down.

Example of a Moneyline bet

Kyler Philipps Vs. Song Yadong, Philipps is the favorite, whereas Yadong is the underdog. If you want to be Philipps, you will likely place something along the lines of $150 to win $100 (and a refund on your wager.) Whereas if you are betting on Yadong, you will place $100 to win $150.

Over/Under betting on the UFC in Maryland

Over/under betting is when you have to wager on whether you think the house’s prediction for the overall points scored in the fight is going to be over the actual score or under.

Pros of Over/Under betting on the UFC in MD

It is easy to place a bet; all you have to do is pick a side without having to know too much about stats.

Cons of UFC Totals in Maryland

There are very few cons with over/under betting. It is a pretty simple way to wager on a UFC fight.

Example of an Over Under

In a fight with Dustin Poirier vs. Dan Hooker, the sportsbooks start an over/under game, saying the total amount of rounds this match will last is three. You bet under, and you would be correct. The last fight between Poirier and Hooker ended in 5 rounds. Meaning it was more than the books predicted.

UFC Round betting – Maryland

Round betting is when you choose who is going to win each round fought during a match. For example, you could wager on one specific round, or you can wager on them all (during live betting).

You will also find a similar bet, “Exact rounds betting,” in this case, all you have to pick is who will win the fight and exactly how many rounds will be in the match. Similar to when you’re getting into some Maryland MMA betting action,

Pros of Round Bets on the UFC

These styles of bets can lead to a big payout in the end, especially if you can correctly predict the exact rounds and the winner of the fight.

Cons of betting on rounds in the UFC

Sometimes the talent can be so close that choosing the winner will be difficult. You have to know a lot about your fighters to win big.


An excellent example of a Rounds bet is Michel Pereira vs. Kalinn Williams 12/19/2020. You predict the fight will last three rounds, and the winner will be Pereira. You would be correct because the light lasted 3 rounds, with Pereria as the winner by decision.

UFC – Method of victory betting in MD

Method of Victory betting is simply placing a bet on how you think the winning contender will win the match. This can be TKO, KO, Determined win, Forfeit, etc.

Pros – Method of victory betting in Maryland

If you can determine the correct method, the payout could be huge if the contenders are very close in performance and skill or if you vote on the underdog and they win. Many sportsbooks will offer crazy promotions for these types of bets.

Cons – Method of victory bets MD

A lot of math ups can be fairly easy to predict if you have a favorite who has a much higher performance than the underdog. Unfortunately, in these cases, the winnings will be very low.


December 19th, 2020, MarcinTybura went up against Greg Hardy. You place a bet on the favorite (because his record is much more impressive), and you determine he will win by KO. Here you would be correct.

Live betting on the UFC in Maryland

A live bet is when you can place a wager on a fight in real-time. A lot of these bets will include round bets or fighters’ performance or fighting skills.

Pros of Live betting on the UFC in MD

The best part of a live bet is that you have an opportunity to see how each fighter is doing during the match, giving you a better idea of how each match is going to turn out.

Cons of in fight betting – Maryland

A bettor’s emotions can get the best of them during a live bet game and will affect their thinking and the bets they are placing. Another con regarding live bets is how quickly the odds can change, making it hard to place a bet with confidence.

Example of Live UFC bet

You can have a round bet during live betting, where you will place a bet to determine who is going to win the round that is currently taking place. You can also bet on things such as who will make their opponent drop to the ground next.

UFC Maryland Prop bets

A props bet is where you place a wager on something during the fight that has nothing to do with the end results.

Pros of UFC Maryland Prop betting

People enjoy props bets because they are exciting and add a lot of variety to the betting world.


Prop bets can be restricted by the sportsbook limiting your potential winnings, and many of them are based on luck and not knowledge of the fight.

Example of this

A good example of a props bet in a UFC fight is the duration of the first round or who will land the first knockdown hit.

FAQ’s About UFC Betting Maryland

When preparing to place a bet on a UFC fight in Maryland, understanding sports betting is essential. So here are a few answers to the most frequently asked UFC betting questions.

What is a Parlay Bet in UFC betting?

A parlay is when you place more than one bet with each of your wagers. However, if just one of your bets loses, you lose everything.

Can you place a legal bet on UFC fights in Maryland?

You should always make sure the sportsbook site you choose to bet on is legal in your state and that they have the proper certifications and licenses. If they are legit, then yes, it is legal to bet on UFC fights in Maryland.

What is the vig or juice in UFC betting?

The Vig, AKA, Juice, is the bookie’s fee for each bet. This is used to ensure money is being made by the house during every wager.

Are there promotions of bonuses for betting on UFC Fights in Maryland?

Yes. There are a plethora of deals offered by sportsbooks all of the time. Simply check the websites and social media pages for each sportsbook company to find which promos are being given for each fight.

Are all sportsbook sites created equal in Maryland?

Absolutely Not. There are a bunch of great sportsbooks out there to place bets with. Unfortunately, some are out there to scam you. Be sure you do your homework and check into every betting site you plan to use ahead of time.