MLB Betting in Maryland

Getting into MLB betting in Maryland is just as easy as putting money down on any other sport – so long as you find the right sportsbook to get connected with. At the same time, though, making the right MLB picks today is often far different than placing wagers on your favorite football or basketball teams.

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MLB betting guide in MD

Master betting on Major League Baseball in Maryland with this simple guide Betting on the Orioles is a whole lot different than betting the Ravens, for example.

In this quick guide, we are going to run through a couple of the most popular types of MLB betting picks, highlight some popular MLB betting trends, and share with you some winning MLB betting tips so that you can hit the ground running with the best odds of making some real money on America’s pastime.

We’ll also point you in the right direction of five of the best online sportsbooks for MLB betting in Maryland today so that you can get hooked up with the right platforms, too.

Understanding MLB odds in MD


Straight out of the gate, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting into when it comes to MLB odds and MLB betting lines. While putting money on the Ravens or some basketball team usually involves dealing with the point spread, Major League Baseball is a different animal.

No, you’re going to want to focus on the money line in baseball betting more than anything else – playing around with props, parlays, and other kinds of MLB picks as well. Focus on the money line, and you’ll be putting yourself in the best position for real success!

Find the best MLB sportsbooks in Maryland

There are a bunch of different reasons to find the best sportsbooks in Maryland to get hooked up with when making MLB betting picks. For starters, you want to be sure that you can trust these companies with your payment and personally-identifying information.

Secondly, you want to be sure that the MLB odds and MLB lines you are betting on are as good as they get and as close to the Vegas action as you can find in Maryland.

Finally, you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your winnings are actually going to be paid out. It’s not any fun following MLB betting trends, winning a whole bunch of money, and then not being able to transfer that money out of your sportsbook account into your bank account.

Make Sure You Check Out These Five Maryland Sportsbooks

  • BetMGM – A legendary gambling and casino operation headquartered out of Vegas, but with physical locations around the world, BetMGM is one of the most polished online sportsbooks in the industry today.
  • PointsBetPointsBet is one of the ultimate destinations for newbies in the world of MLB betting in Maryland. Their interfaces are simple and straightforward, their betting markets are fantastic, and the odds they offer are really competitive.
  • DraftKingsDraftKings MD really made their name the home for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in football specifically. Their sports markets is great, too. The MLB betting lines they offer are incredible.
  • FanDuelFanDuel MD has great live betting action, MLB lines that are always up-to-date, and some of the best futures odds and World Series odds you’ll find anywhere in Maryland today.
  • Barstool Sportsbook MD– The Barstool Sportsbook MD offers great MLB betting odds, some of the best MLB betting tips (that are also just a lot of fun to read in general), and one of the most active sportsbook communities online today.

Best Wagers when betting on MLB


Really quickly, let’s run through a couple of the most popular types of MLB betting opportunities you’re going to come across when you hook up with top-shelf sportsbooks in the state.

MLB Moneylines – Maryland

As we just highlighted a moment ago, moneyline action is where you are going to want to put your money most often.

The money line essentially lets you know whether or not one team is favored over the other. So, for example, if you see the Baltimore Orioles at -150 and the Kansas City Royals at +130, you know that the sportsbook is saying the Orioles are more than likely to come out on top of the Royals and that they are the favorites.

Run Lines – MLB Maryland

Run lines are similar to betting the spread in football and basketball, taking the standard moneyline action that we just highlighted a moment ago and then picking one team or the other to get an extra 1.5 runs to set the actual run line itself.

In our example, you’d have the Orioles at -1.5 and the Royals at +1.5 for the run line. To win, the Orioles would have to beat the Royals by two runs or more. To cover, the Royals would have to win outright or to lose by less than two runs.

Dime Lines – MLB Betting MD

Dime line betting action is available for MLB betting in Maryland as well, though not every single sportsbook is going to offer this kind of wager. Basically, these wagers are going to pop up anytime the difference in odds are a 10 points apart from one another.

For example, let’s say that the Orioles are sitting at -180 and the Royals are sitting at +170. That creates a “dime line,” opening up a bunch of unique opportunities to hedge your bets or play different MLB lines to cash in big-time without risking a lot of your money at the same time.

Totals – MLB Maryland

Totals also work as “over/under” style MLB picks and are also some of the most popular betting action in Maryland too. Using the same example we have throughout this quick guide, let’s say that the Orioles and Royals game had an over/under of 7.5.

If at the end of the game, both teams had their total runs added up and it came to eight or more, the “over” would win outright. If the score totals came in at seven or less, the folks that bet the “under” would be going home with the jackpot.

MLB Props – Maryland

Prop bets are always some of the MLB best bets available, just because there are so many different options and varieties to pick and choose from.

Some people like to bet props for who’s going to have the most strikeouts, who’s going to hit a home run that game, how many runs exactly are going to be scored, who’s going to steal a base, and when – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Prop betting is very similar to live betting in this way, which is something that many of the top sportsbooks in Maryland also offer. Live betting in MD, though, follows the action as it unfolds on the field.

You’re going to want to be sure that you can watch the games you are live betting in Maryland, or else steer clear of those kinds of wagers. Prop betting is where you’ll want to zero in if you can’t park down in front of a TV and watch at least a couple of innings of the game.

How to place winning MLB wagers


Here are just a couple of tips and tricks to Place smarter wagers on the MLB, too.

Place smart MLB Bets – MD

Far too many people new to MLB betting in Maryland are going to “bet their gut” and go with the home team – the Orioles, for example – even when the odds and the stats say they should put their money elsewhere. Bet your brains, not your gut.

Remember how often the best MLB teams lose

Even the best teams in the MLB – the most dominant of the bunch – are going to lose at least 1/3 of their games. So don’t get suckered in on always betting the favorite.

Study stats and trends for the MLB Game

The beautiful thing about MLB lines and MLB odds is that they are reflective of the almost unlimited amount of seats available for Major League Baseball today. So study stats, focus on trends, and pay attention to MLB betting tips that are analytically driven, and you’ll be good to go.

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!

Pitching really is everything, especially when you are doing some serious MLB betting. The best MLB picks today are always linked to aces on the hill for the teams you are betting on.

FAQ’s About MLB Betting in Maryland

What are some easy bets I can make on the MLB?

The money line is the main focus for MLB betting in Maryland (and everywhere else, for that matter) for a real reason. However, prop bets can also help you clean up if you’re looking for a little more variety.

Are there any wagers I should stay away from?

Steer clear of parlays and try not to get into live betting action unless you can actually sit down and watch the game (or at least listen to it on the radio).

How easy is it to get started with an online sportsbook in MD?

If you stick to any of the five sportsbooks we highlighted above, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and actually get into MLB betting in Maryland in about five minutes or less, even if you have to create a brand-new account to do so.

How do I fund my MLB sportsbook account?

Most of the top sportsbooks are going to let you fund your account using your credit or debit card, your bank account, or any popular online payment processor.

Can I legally bet on MLB in Maryland?

You sure can! Betting on MLB games (and any other sport, for that matter) is totally and completely legal to pull off online here in Maryland today!