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The Baltimore Ravens, the Orioles, lacrosse, and even jousting (the official state sport) — living in Maryland is a sports fan’s dream. And it’s getting even better. Since MD sportsbooks were legalized officially, Marylanders can now bet on their favorite teams from the comfort of their own home — or even on their cell phones through mobile apps.

Guide to online sportsbooks MD

Let’s take a close look at online sports betting in Maryland and what the experience will be like for you. Ready for a different type of sports activity?

Maryland online sportsbooks offer everything a new bettor and experienced odds jockey could want, including excitingly unique wager options, bonuses, and live betting. And it’s all encapsulated on safe websites and mobile apps. So what will be your first bet?

Best MD sportsbooks


With so many MD sportsbooks to choose from, where to spend your time can be a bit of a challenge at first. We have taken it upon ourselves to list the best sportsbooks in the state, as stated in our list. Let’s take a look at some of the best sportsbooks out there for Marylanders to try.

MD sportsbooks bettors must live in the state they play in and must be at least 21 years old. When registering for Maryland sportsbooks, you must provide personal information and then will likely be asked to confirm your residency and identity in various ways.

DraftKings MD Sportsbook

One of the leaders in the industry, DraftKings MD sportsbook boasts a bevy of sports options wrapped up in a super-attractive web and mobile interface.

DraftKings MD sportsbook excels in quite a few other categories, including bonuses for first-time bettors, fun-to-play basketball pools, and an ever-rotating lineup of odds boosts that can sweeten your winnings pots.

Its virtual betting slip is easy to locate and use, divided up into single, parlay, and round-robin wagers. It also gets high marks for its VIP program. It’s invite-only, but once you join, you’ll be able to access personalized contests and promotions.

FanDuel Sportsbook MD

FanDuel sportsbook in MD has left its online sportsbook mark in as many states as DraftKings sportsbook, and for a good reason. Its website is also organized exquisitely, especially its list of available games and odds front and center.

We especially appreciate the rundown of the most popular betting events happening right now, easily located in the top left corner (the top left shows your balance and bet slips). FanDuel sportsbook MD is also known for its extensive parlay options, NBA-centric promotions, and excellent customer service.

BetMGM Maryland Sportsbook

Perhaps not as flashy online as FanDuel sportsbook and DraftKings sportsbooks, BetMGM Maryland is nonetheless a well-organized and comprehensive online sportsbook.

It offers a large number of sports betting options and exclusive benefits, especially those who become part of its loyalty program headed by its behemoth parent company, MGM Resorts.

There are daily odds boosters and weekly offers, as well as stellar offers for new users. It excels the most at its live betting, especially in letting users bet on the first half and second half.

PointsBet Sportsbook in Maryland

Australian-based PointsBet sportsbook MD offers the same types of betting and sports availability as other online sportsbooks in the state, but it uniquely offers PointsBetting,

PointsBetting is PointsBet’s sportsbook own system that gives extra bonuses for unique bets based on the more you win (for example, if you win by one point, you get 1 times the amount of your bet amount).

If you lose by 10 points, you lose 10 times your stake. It can be a fun way to bet on sports. You can place bets on how many points your favorite basketball player will score or how many strikeouts your home team baseball pitcher will make.

This system is the opposite of fixed-odds betting, which is the standard on many other sites. Other popular online sportsbooks to check out: WynnBet MD, William Hill, Caesars Online Sportsbook in MD.

Compare online sportsbooks in MD


Some states where sportsbooks is legal require it to be in person. Online MD sportsbooks are the virtual equivalent of retail sportsbooks. Everything connected to sports betting is either on a sportsbook’s website or mobile app.

That includes the full range of wager types, including favorites and underdogs, various spreads, moneylines, parlay, and over/under. Odds betting is still a big part of online sportsbooks in MD, and most sites have all the current and upcoming games listed with odds (they’re variable on each sportsbook).

Most online sportsbooks in MD also offer live betting where you can place bets as a game progresses, along with the traditional betting before a game or tournament begins.

Sportsbooks in Maryland to compare:

Who runs the MD online sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks in MD typically must be affiliated with a professional gambling organization, institution, or American Indian tribal group that operates gambling, all of which must operate gambling operations legally and on large scales.

States regulate online sportsbooks in their state, and they’re subject to a set of rules, regulations, and taxes. For example, Maryland anticipates that they will receive requests for 60 operators of sportsbooks in the state.

Maryland Live Sportsbook

Almost everyone enjoys watching live games, several of the states online sportsbooks offer some form of live stream of sports. When checking out a Maryland live sportsbook you can bet live while watching the game without a hassle.

Sports to bet on at online sportsbooks in Maryland

Take your pick! Maryland online sportsbooks have a wide array of sports to cater to any fan.

Yes, the big American sports are there — baseball, boxing, basketball, football, hockey — but so are other sports with big followings, including auto racing (both NASCAR and Formula 1), tennis, golf, soccer, and MMA/UFC. Many of the supports allow you to bet on professional, college, and international versions, too.

Smaller sports with dedicated followings shine as well: cycling, darts, table tennis, lacrosse. Euro-centric sports aren’t forgotten either, with betting available on Australian Rules Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union, and cricket.

The biggest sporting events are heavily promoted on the MD online sportsbooks, often with special promotions or bonuses tied to them (live betting is particularly fun with these), including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, world soccer tournaments, and horse racing’s Triple Crown.

Different MD sportsbooks wagers


MD sportsbooks aren’t just for sports betting pros. Everyone can get into it easily if you just take in some information, here are some basics on four of the most popular types of wagering and bets.

Moneyline sportsbooks bet

Popular and easy to understand for newbies, Moneyline sportsbooks bets simply mean that you are betting on an overall team or player to win (for example, the New England Patriots or Serena Williams). You’re not betting on a certain score or how many home runs someone hits.

Spread betting with sportsbooks in MD

If you’re making a point spread bet, you’re wagering on whether a team will overly impress in their outing. MD Sportsbook organizers will evaluate and set a spread line based on how they think a game will go and a team will perform.

This evaluation is usually marked by numbers and pluses (how much they think a team will win by) and minuses (how much the losing team will lose by). These indicate favorites and underdogs. In point spreads, if a team is expected to win by 10 points (+10) and they win by more than that, you may win the bet.

If the opposing team is set to lose by 10 points but lose by less, you may also win the bet.

Maryland Sportsbooks Totals betting

You’re betting on the total amount scored in an entire game. A MD sportsbook will predict the score of a game, and if you bet on totals, you would win a bet if the score is actually over the predicted total.

It can be one point over the total, and you’d still win. But, on the other hand, you could bet over or under, “under,” indicating you think the score is going to be less than the predicted outcome.

Parlay betting

Increasingly popular on some online sportsbooks, parlay betting — as it’s called in America, but Europeans refer to it as accumulator betting — means you wager on multiple games all at once, grouping them together into one big bet.

The odds and risks are greater in parlay betting, but you must win all the matches in your bet to win. If one bet loses, such as 1 out of the 5 bets you place on matches, you lose.

It’s more of a gamble, but in parlay betting, you could get more bang for your single-wager buck. However, on the flip slide, high risks can lead to low rewards.

Sportsbook Bonuses in MD


In addition to changing promotions and VIP awards, all online sportsbooks include bonuses in MD as parts of wagers or just for registering for their site. Here are a few of the best found on Maryland online sportsbooks.

MD Sportsbooks Sign-up Bonuses

Yes, you read that right. You are often rewarded just for joining a MD sportsbook. The rewards often come in the form of promo codes sent to you as you’re signing up.

They are most often in the form of free bets (general matching from a site that matches to some degree the amount of your first deposit), risk-free bets (similar to free bets, but you won’t be penalized if your bet loses), and sometimes cash payouts.

Examples of MD sign-up bonuses: A $600 risk-free first bet on BetMGM; a risk-free $1,000 bet on FanDuel and WynnBet; two risk-free bets up to $2,000 on PointsBet

Deposit matching bonuses

New users can often receive 100% matching bonuses just for making their first deposit, but it’s usually with a dollar amount limit. If your first deposit is, for example, $250, and the betting site offers a 100% deposit matching bonus, you’ll start things off with a cool $500.

For regular uses, deposit bonuses are often tied to certain games or tournaments. For example, a site may offer a 25% matching bonus on a deposit made to wager on an NBA playoffs game.

Examples of deposit bonuses: DraftKings’ welcome bonus of a 20% deposit match up to $1,000; XBet’s 100% deposit bonus up to $300.

No deposit bonuses at MD sportsbooks

These often come in the form of money-back guarantees. You must make a wager, but if you lose, the MD sportsbooks will fully refund it. These types of bonuses often get sent as free betting bonuses.

Examples of no deposit bonuses: A 50% bonus on bets up to $1,000 on BetOnline; William Hill’s $100 bonus in free betting credits when you sign up.

FAQ’s About MD sportsbooks

What are the most popular sports to bet on?

In America, it’s football, basketball, and baseball, especially big season-ending tournaments. NBA playoffs receive a lot of attention on online sportsbooks, especially with special wagers and odds available for singular games.

Can someone help me with my sportsbooks bets?

Well, they can’t make a bet for you or make a decision for you, but customer service sections of online sportsbooks are very good at explaining the ins and outs of not just online sportsbooks but betting in general.

Customer service is available to take your questions via email, phone, or sometimes live chat. Sometimes more helpful is an online sportsbook’s compendium of help. Some sites have an entire section of how-to’s and FAQs that are searchable by keyword, such as “What’s a money line bet?” or “How do I redeem a bonus?”

What are rollovers on MD sportsbooks?

Look out for rollovers; they are one the most common stipulations on certain free bet bonuses or wager cashouts. Rollovers refer to actually how much in bets you need to wager in able to withdraw some of your winnings related to a bonus.

For example, if there’s a 10x rollover stipulation, the money you deposited must be wagered 10 times to withdraw what you make. BetMGM often has stellar 1x rollover requirements that impress and attract new users.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals in sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit methods to make it as bettor-friendly as possible. Some have minimum requirements for both deposits and withdrawals, but they’re usually small.

Can I benefit from referring people to MD online sportsbooks?

You bet. Many sites offer referral bonuses, especially for new users. Typically, the person referred will have to sign up and then make their first deposit before you can see your bonus. One example is a $50 bonus for your friend you referred once they make a minimum deposit. Such bonuses usually come in free bets.