Maryland Sportsbook Promo

If you want to start winning big, you better know where to find the latest and best Maryland sportsbook promo. With the right offers, you’ll be turning modest winnings into big-time profits in no time. In this guide, we will quickly run through all the Maryland sports betting promos currently on offer at the largest and most popular online sports betting sites in Maryland.

Compare Maryland sports betting promo offers

Choosing the right Maryland sports betting promo code or offer can be tough. At first glance, there are tons of options as each Maryland online bookie has its own promos and offerings. That is why it is important to know which promotions are available so you can easily find one for yourself.

In our list of the best Maryland sportsbooks promos. They have a variety of free bets, risk-free bets, regularly updated contests, and more. However, there are certain promos that are more popular than others.

The sportsbooks all have their pros and cons, but the most popular ones do not only offer the most promotions but the best ones too. For example, at one sportsbook, they offer a $1000 risk-free bet promo that you can access while signing up. Meanwhile, another operator offers $10 free for first-time depositors and 100% first-deposit match on first deposits made on full-priced tickets up to $500.

What is the best Maryland sportsbook promo deal?

This is something you’ll have to decide for yourself as the different promos appeal to different kinds of bettors. For instance, there is a Maryland sportsbook promo code where you can get a risk-free bet up to $5000. Again, this is something that will probably appeal to the most of us.

Top Maryland sportsbook promo offers 2022

Don’t miss out on the latest MD sports betting promos. We have all the latest information on what offers your favorite Maryland sports betting provider currently has available. So check them out today and use them to your advantage as the betting season continues to heat up.

BetMGM Maryland sportsbook promos up to $1,000 risk-free bet

BetMGM is the brainchild sportsbook born from a partnership between the MGM International Hotel and Casino chain and top global gaming corporation, Entain. Through their relationship, they’ve produced one of the top betting sites in Maryland with competitive odds, seemingly endless markets, and some of the most attractive Maryland sports betting promo today.

New members currently have access to an MD sportsbook promo code that unlocks a one-time risk-free bet valued up to $1,000. Along with this one-time promo, members also have access to several sports-specific Maryland sports betting promo codes that you can use to bulk up your bets over the coming months. Look for betting promotions specifically linked to Ravens games and start winning along with your favorite teams.

Caesars Maryland sportsbook promo up to $5,000 risk-free bets

Caesars—of the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino chain—currently stands as one of the largest sportsbooks in the world and, with that title, has some of the most dazzling Maryland sportsbook promo codes available. For example, you can currently access risk-free bets worth up to $5,000 on all cash bets with minimum odds of -200.

Along with this and similar Maryland sports betting promos, Caesars is also currently working on a promotional credit system to help players seize even more opportunities. Follow them on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news, and check back in here!

DraftKings Maryland sportsbook promo $50 no deposit

Not only is DraftKings one of the top daily fantasy sports sites in the world, but it’s also a premier online betting platform with odds, markets, and promos for nearly every athletic event in the world. In addition, through the masterful mobile app, you’ll have access to $50 no deposit Maryland sportsbook promotions, deposit matches, and countless other options.

Currently, DraftKings members can get more out of their NFL bets thanks to DraftKings’s Maryland sports betting promo. Bet just $1 on an NFL game in Maryland, and you’ll earn an automatic $150 betting credit directly deposited into your bankroll. You can’t beat an offer like this if you’re a Ravens fan!

FanDuel Maryland sportsbook promo $1,000 risk-free bet

FanDuel gets a lot of credit for what’s arguably the best mobile betting app in the world, but they have a lot more to offer than just a glitzy phone platform. They also have some of the most competitive promos and rewards among all major betting sites.

Currently, new members have access to a $1,000 risk-free bet along with the outstanding FanDuel rewards program. The more you play and the more you bet, the more points you’ll earn as you progress through FanDuel’s Tier program. Once you’re sitting on a stockpile, cash in your points for betting credits and win even more.

Available Maryland sportsbook promo offers

Some sports betting sites update their promos monthly, weekly, and even daily, so keep your eyes out for upcoming deals and promos. Depending on which sites you use, you can come across a wide variety of Maryland sportsbook promo deals. Check out our detailed explanations of each type of promo and put them to good use today.

Reduced juice Maryland sportsbook promo

In the world of online sports betting, juice, vig, and vigorish all mean the amount of money your sportsbook earns off your bets. Sportsbooks take juice as a commission for using their services, but that money comes out of your profits. So reduced juice promos lower the amount of money your sportsbook takes, allowing you to earn more profit.

Reduced juice promos in MD are the best way to maximize your bets and come with far less risk than other types of promos. In the simplest of terms, they translate to more money in your pocket.

Refer-a-friend Maryland sports betting promo

Sportsbook referral promos work exactly how you think they would. If you have a friend or relative who wants to sign up with a sports betting site, you provide them with a referral code, and both of you can earn a promo once they sign up. Use these Maryland sportsbook promos to unlock hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of promo cash.

Any cash you earn through a referral promo will be subject to standard playthrough requirements, which you can find detailed under the given terms and conditions. Furthermore, referral promos typically come with a few limitations:

  • Your referral code will only be eligible if your current bankroll is in the green. If your account is currently negative, you cannot refer a friend.
  • You must have a betting history with the site. You cannot register with a sportsbook and automatically earn a referral promo without first establishing a history.
  • Money earned through a referral promo is generally directly related to the amount of money your friend deposits to their account. You may not even earn the promo until they make a deposit, so encourage your referral to deposit as much as possible.

Every sports betting site is different, so be sure to read their requirements before you offer a referral code. Not all sites offer the same promos, though, so don’t be afraid to shop around at different sportsbooks.

VIP/Loyalty reward MD sportsbook promos

Depending on which sportsbook you use, you may have access to a loyalty or VIP club. These programs automatically track your activity on the site and award points for every wager you place. Most loyalty programs work on a level-based system, and as you earn more points, you gain access to better rewards. These programs incentivize you to play through more money so you can earn more points.

Once you’ve accrued a small stockpile of loyalty points, you can then cash them in for platform-based betting tokens or cash equivalents. Depending on your level within the system, you may also gain access to extra promos, free bets, refunds, and even invitations to luxury events and gift handouts.

If you use an online sports betting site with land-based holdings, such as BetMGM or Caesars, you can also use your online loyalty points to cash in on in-person rewards the next time you visit one of their physical locations. The only requirement is that the online sportsbook is a partner or brand member with the actual casino.

Keep in mind that no two loyalty programs are exactly the same. Each site has its own unique system with unique MD sportsbook promos and rewards. Explore multiple sites to find the best deals and the most intricate VIP loyalty programs.

Boosted odds Maryland sportsbook promo

As you tell from their name, boosted odds promos improve your odds on a single bet. Although boosting odds doesn’t mean your team is more likely to win or lose, it does mean that you could win more cash. If your bet wins, your boosted odds will pay out more than if you bet using standard odds. However, boost odds MD sportsbook promos are often restricted in the following ways

  • They may be restricted to a single type of bet—money lines, point spreads, or over/unders.
  • They may be restricted to a single sport.
  • They may be restricted to a single player.
  • They may be restricted to a single prop bet.

Boosted odds essentially work the same as reduced juice promos in that they cut into the sportsbook’s cut, but rather than just lowering the vig, you get more for your odds.

Ongoing Maryland sportsbook promotions

Sportsbooks update their promos almost daily, so it’s important to keep your nose down and hunt them out. Currently, you can access some of the following Maryland sportsbook promos:

  • BetMGM offers a risk-free matched bet worth up to $1,000 after depositing at least $10.
  • FanDuel currently has three boosted odds promos on NFL football.
  • DraftKings also has several boosted odds promos for NFL games.
  • Caesars has a wide range of risk-free matched bets, football promos, and odds boosts that you can use to maximize your wins.

You can find daily updates for most big-name online betting sites by following their social media pages and joining VIP loyalty programs. Sign up with your preferred platform’s emailing list, and you can also find deals through their correspondences.

What sports can you use Maryland sports betting promo deals on?

Many sportsbook promos in Maryland are restricted to specific sports and teams. Sportsbooks do this because they know that bettors typically wager on their favorite local teams, allowing you to gain better odds, lower juice, or matched bets on all your favorite upcoming games. Check out these sport-specific Maryland sports betting promo offers below.

Baltimore Ravens promo codes in MD

As the football season continues to heat up, keep an eye out for all the latest Raven’s football promos. As the premier NFL team in Maryland, sportsbooks regularly offer boosted odds and reduced juice on Ravens games. Also, keep an eye out for boosted prop bets on your favorite Ravens players. You can win hundreds of dollars depending on how your team performs.

Baltimore Orioles promos in Maryland

Just like the Baltimore Ravens, the Orioles are the top MLB team in Maryland and commonly earn boosted odds and reduced juice Maryland sports betting promos on home and away games. Check before each game to find better odds on prop bets and reduced juice for money lines, over/unders, and even point spreads. Be sure to follow the rosters leading up to the game, though, to bet smart.

As Baltimore continues to grow, perhaps they’ll someday have another NBA or NHL team. Should that happen, you’re sure to find top MD sports betting promos for all their games.

Event-specific MD sports betting promos in Maryland


One other type of promo to keep an eye out for is the event-specific MD sportsbook promo. In the lead-up to major sporting events, such as the Superbowl, March Madness, and the World Series, most sports betting sites will offer a surplus of sports betting promos in Maryland to lure in extra bets.

Make the most of these promos to maximize your winnings and add a bit of excitement to the championships. Nearly all sportsbooks offer boosted odds, free bets, and matched bets during championship season, so keep your ears open for news as we lead up to the playoffs.

How to use Maryland sportsbook promo codes

The exact process will depend on your sportsbook, but it should go something like this:

  1. Acquire a MD sportsbook promo code through your sportsbook’s social media, mailing list, or loyalty program.
  2. Explore your odds and betting markets until you find a wager you’re willing to bet on.
  3. When you enter your bet slip, you should see an option to ‘Use available promo’.
  4. Enter the promo code to unlock the promo.
  5. Submit your wager.

You should receive a confirmation that you’ve activated the MD sports betting promo code and will receive further updates on your wager as the game proceeds.

Turnover requirements

Keep in mind that turnover requirements are often applied to the different Maryland sports betting promo codes offered in the state.

The requirements for some of the promos include a turnover requirement. For example, in one case, a sports wager must be placed at least three times before a promotion can be activated. But, as long as the bettor is beaten to the point where they have a 0% chance of winning outright, they will be able to withdraw their bankroll.

FAQ about Maryland sportsbook promo

How can I access a Maryland sportsbook promo?

Some promos unlock as soon as you deposit funds into your bankroll. Other MD sportsbook promo offers require a special code that you can access through your sportsbook’s social media accounts, emailing lists, or through VIP loyalty programs.

Can I use MD sports betting promo codes if I’m using my mobile phone?

Yes! Mobile betting platforms are designed to offer all the same benefits as a desktop website. Simply follow the same instructions to activate your MD sports betting promo codes through your MD mobile betting app.

Can I withdraw winnings from a Maryland sportsbook promo without fulfilling rollover requirements?

If you attempt to withdraw funds earned from a promo or a sports betting bonus in MD without first meeting the requirements, you’ll likely be met with an error code. The terms and conditions must be fulfilled before you can access your winnings.

How many friends can I refer to gain referral Maryland sportsbook promos?

Although betting providers want as many new members as possible, they do set limits on how many referral promos you can earn. Most sites set their limits at around 10 referrals.

Do all sportsbooks offer reduced juice promos?

Not all sportsbooks offer reduced juice. In fact, some of the largest platforms, including BetMGM, Caesars, and DraftKings are all non-reduced juice betting sites.