Maryland Teaser Betting

In the world of sports betting, teaser betting in Maryland is a modified parlay style bet – specifically designed to move either the point spread or the over/under of a game by a specific amount of points (the favor of the player versus the house).

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Guide to Teaser odds in MD

Teasers are a fantastic opportunity to boost your chances of success, you also bring on a whole bunch of extra risk with teasers though. Simply because now multiple bets will be tied together as part of the overall teaser, and all of them have to hit for you to cash out.

That might sound a little bit complex, but in the rest of this guide to teasers in MD, we are going to cover:

  • What is a teaser bet?
  • How does a teaser bet work?
  • Effective teaser bet strategies

… And more!

Ready to get started?

Best sportsbooks in Maryland for teaser betting

In this part we’ll help you find the best teaser betting Maryland sportsbooks to get started with.

BetMGM Teasers

Though there are many platforms out there offering teaser sports betting opportunities, few do as great a job as MGM does.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to place teaser bets that combine up to 15 different teams in these modified parlays while tilting the odds in your favor at the same time.

NFL teaser bets allow you to shift the points by 6/6.5/7, whereas college football lets you move the line by 6.5/7/7.5.

Basketball is a little more streamlined, with up to 15 teams involved in teaser bets. In addition, NBA and college action lines can be moved by 4/4.5/5 points in your direction.

PointsBet Teaser lines

PointsBet offers the same kind of “standard” teaser in betting that most people are used to (changing the spread or the totals), but they also let you play around with different prop bets as well.

This is pretty unique in the world of teaser sports betting and not something that many other books (Maryland or anywhere else, for that matter) bring to the table.

You can choose from up to 70 different totals and spreads to create a parlay with prop bets that become a teaser effortlessly – opening up a whole bunch of different combinations for you to create the wagers you feel give you the best chance to bring home the money.

Teasers at DraftKings

If it feels like the DraftKings digital betting slip was built from the ground up to make it easy to track teaser bets, that’s because the betting odds are pretty good it was!

DraftKings teaser bets are some of the most popular wagers on the platform, even if you are limited to standard Point Spread and Totals right now.

You’ll also only be able to roll out these kinds of teasers on football and basketball bets, though DraftKings does let you mix and match across these two sports to create unique teaser betting Maryland opportunities, too.

FanDuel Teaser Bets

FanDuel held up a mirror to how DraftKings teasers work, though they don’t offer the same kind of “mix and match” capabilities across both football and basketball the way that DraftKings does.

Other than that, though, you’re looking at a straightforward teaser betting Maryland experience here.

You can bet the spread and totals without a whole lot of headache or hassle, with teasers of 6/6.5/7 available for the NFL, 6.5/7/7.54 college football, and 4/4.5/5 for the NBA and college basketball combined.

Barstool Teaser bets

The Barstool Sportsbook handles teaser bets well, mimicking the DraftKings and FanDuel kind of layout by keeping things straightforward.

Maybe they will add the ability to bet props in teasers later down the line the same way that PointsBet does, but right now, this is still a pretty “vanilla” teaser experience with the standard 6/6.5/7 lines for the NFL, 6.5/7/7.5 pro college football, and 4/4.5/5 for pro and college basketball.

Teaser betting in Maryland overview

As highlighted above, teaser bets are nothing more than slightly modified parlay style wagers. Though they are almost exclusively available for football and basketball games only.

Both the professional and college-level games can have teaser bet action placed on them (for the most part). And lots of veteran players – especially those that are pretty hot and heavy in the teaser betting arena in MD recommend you steer clear of college football teaser action.

The amount of variance there is just too high, and there’s no natural way of knowing what’s going to happen from one week to the next the way you might in the world of NFL football.

How do Teasers work in MD

As far as how a teaser bet work is concerned, teaser betting can be explained like this:

Let’s say (just for the sake of argument) that you want to do a two-team, six-point teaser for the NFL games this weekend – and you want to bet on the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints.

As of right now, the Baltimore Ravens line looks like 9.5 favorites (-9.5), whereas the New Orleans Saints look like they are 3.5 underdogs (+3.5). In that two-team teaser, the Ravens line would move from -9.5 to -3.5, and the Saints line would move from being +2.5 up to +8.5.

The final result means that a Maryland teaser-bettor would only need the Ravens to win by four or more points on the Bears to win (or lose by eight points or less) to cover their entire teaser and bring home a decent chunk of change!

Overview of Teaser odds and payouts in Maryland

Different MD sports betting sites will have different teaser betting odds and payouts. But as a general rule, the two-team, six-point teaser mentioned above will offer odds of -110.

This basically means that for every $110 bet placed on this kind of teaser, the winner would bring home $100 in profit (for a total of $210 in payout). The more teams you add to your teaser, the higher your potential payout is for sure, but the more risk you bring to the table as well.

Some sportsbooks (like Bet MGM, for example) will let you put teaser bets down on up to 15 different teams – and others will even let you create “multi-sport” teaser sports betting action across the NFL, the NBA, and college sports with up to 15 teams involved, too.

Reversed Teaser breakdown – Maryland

Some sportsbooks will allow you to do “Pleasers,” which are nothing more than a reverse teaser sports betting strategy. Using our earlier example, a Pleaser with the Ravens (-9.5) and Saints (+3.5) would have those lines move to -15.5 for the Ravens and -3.5 for the Saints.

You’d essentially be “selling” points back to the book to make things a little bit harder for you to cover, but if you did cover both of these legs of this modified parlay (this Pleaser Teaser), you’d be bringing home a pretty decent chunk of change for the increased risk that you took on.

Not every platform offers these kinds of teaser bets, though. It’s something you’ll want to look into before you decide to open up an account if these are the kinds of wagers you’d like to rock and roll with.

FAQ’s About Teaser Betting Maryland

Do all Maryland online sportsbooks let you play teaser bets?

Almost all of the quality online sportsbooks allow you to do a little bit of teaser betting Maryland action if that’s something that you are into. This strategy has become one of the most popular styles of parlay betting, and every book wants to make sure that you can get in on the action.

Should I avoid some teasers vs others?

The only teasers that you should probably try and avoid as a general rule are the ones that have to do with college football. Betting college football, in general, can be a real nightmare just because of how disparate the competition is and how many upsets happen, seemingly out of thin air.
Betting on college football parlays are even more challenging than teaser bets that take parlays to the next level bring even more headache and hassle into the mix. You can certainly throw down on these kinds of bets if you’re confident, but most veterans steer clear for a reason.

Is it possible for a teaser to push like a parlay would in MD?

It’s possible for a teaser in betting to “push” the same way that a straight bet or parlay might. If this happens, that “leg” of the teaser drops off, and you get that portion of the wager refunded to you. So a two-team teaser becomes a straight bet. Likewise, a three-team teaser becomes a two-team teaser, and so on.

Am I going to be able to play Point Spreads and Total teasers?

Absolutely! The odds are good that if a teaser betting Maryland platform offers these kinds of wagers in the first place, they are going to focus heavily on Point Spread and Total action. Some (like PointsBet) will even let you throw prop bets into the mix.

Are teasers super risky plays in MD?

Teaser plays are somewhat risky (like any parlay), but they tilt the player’s odds more than standard parlay bets will. You’ll have to assess your risk tolerance before you jump right in!