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What is the salary of the Baltimore Ravens football team?

What is the salary of the Baltimore Ravens football team?

The Baltimore Ravens are an American professional football team that plays in the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football League (NFL). The team was founded in 1996 based in Baltimore, Maryland.

This article will review the salaries of the Baltimore Ravens team’s new and old players. In addition, we will go over the NFL Draft process, look at the new Ravens lineup, and give you some important player details that might be to your edge for the Maryland sports betting scene. 

Draft Process

A player must be at least three years out of high school or college to be eligible for the draft. Each spring season, three days are assigned from Thursday to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for the draft process. Moreover, all the teams get one selection per round out of a total of seven rounds.

The first round is held on Thursday, the second and third rounds on Friday, and the remaining rounds on Saturday. Each team has ten minutes to make their picks in the first round, seven minutes for the second round, five minutes for rounds three to six, and three minutes for the final round.

All 32 NFL teams select players in each round. In each round, non-playoff teams from the previous season get the first picks. This starts with the team with the worst overall win-loss record in 2021, followed by the team with the second worst record, and so on.

After this, the teams who lost their Wild Card round get to pick, followed by the teams who lost in the Divisional Round. Finally, the teams who lost in the Conference Championship choose the players, while the Super Bowl champions always make the last pick of each round.

The Ravens brand new lineup

The Baltimore Ravens drafted new players on April 28, 2022. The team chose these players based on their consistent performance from high school to college football. Following the draft, here is a list of the Baltimore Raven’s current lineup:

  • Anthony Brown — Quarterback
  • Ben Cleveland — Guard
  • Brett Hundley — Quarterback
  • Lamar Jackson — Quarterback
  • Calais Campbell — Defensive end
  • Tyler Linderbau — Center
  • Kyle Fuller — Cornerback
  • Mike Davis — Running back
  • Michael Pierce — Defensive Tackle
  • Vince Biegel — Linebacker
  • Rashed Bateman — Wide receiver
  • Odafe Oweh — Linebacker
  • Josh Bynes — Linebacker
  • Kevon Seymour — Cornerback
  • Nate McCrary — Running back
  • Kevin Zeitler — Guard
  • Josh Oliver — Tight End
  • Tyler Huntley — Quarterback
  • J.K. Dobbins — Running back
  • Tyre Phillips — Guard
  • Marcus Peters — Cornerback
  • Justice Hill — Running back
  • Iman Marshall — Cornerback
  • Patrick Mekari — Guard
  • Jalyn Armour-Davis — Cornerback
  • Tyler Badie — Running back
  • Slade Bolden — Wide receiver
  • Shemar Bridges — Wide receiver

Comparing the Salaries of New and Existing Baltimore Ravens players

In addition to the draft, the Baltimore Ravens select new players every year. These players are gained via trades with other teams and by picking up non-contracted players during free agency. These new players are paid based on their performance, position, and contract type. Here is a comparison of new and old players’ salaries:

Jalyn Armour-Davis’s salary comparison

Armour-Davis (Cornerback) was selected in the fourth round of the NFL draft 2022. He started his career as a runner in the Owings Mills Track Club at high school.

In 2022, he signed as a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens for a $705,000 base salary. Robert Jackson and Iman Marshall joined the Ravens to compete in the same position in 2021 and 2019, respectively. Jackson’s base salary is $965,000, and Iman Marshall’s base salary is $825,000, plus a $168,548 bonus per year. Compared to Iman Marshall and Robert Jackson’s base salary, Jalyn Armour-Davis has a low base salary.

Tyler Badie’s salary comparison

Running back Tyler Badie joined the Baltimore Ravens as a rookie in the sixth round of the 2022 draft, and he will be earning a base salary of $705,000 ($165,000 increase/year) and a bonus of $43,654. Badie also began his career as a runner in the Owings Mills Track Club during high school.

Similarly, RB JK Dobbins (signed in 2020) has a base salary of $610,000 ($260,429 increment/year), plus a bonus of $431,716. In terms of base salary, Badie is leading the position. However, the increment and bonus for each year make the net salary of JK Dobbins much more than Badie’s net salary.

Slade Bolden & Shemar Bridges’ salary comparison

Both Slade Bolden and Shemar Bridges are WRs (Wide Receivers) selected in the 2022 NFL draft. They signed a contract with the Ravens for the period of 2022-24, and they have a base salary of $705,000 ($165,000 plus/year). Every year, they will receive bonuses of $2333 and $1666, respectively.

Bolden is a West Monroe High School baseball and football player. During his college career, he appeared in 42 games as a slot receiver for Alabama, totaling 68 receptions for 712 yards and four touchdowns.

Shemar began his gaming and athletic career at Potter’s House Christian Academy in Jacksonville. Subsequently, Shemar competed in the NACA 2015 championship, winning several titles for receptions and yards.

Jaylon Moree and Benjamin Victor have signed contracts with the Ravens for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Both are worth the same $705,000 base salary for the same position.

Anthony Brown’s salary comparisons

As a quarterback, Brown (Contracted from 2022 to 2024) holds a base salary of $705,000 ($165,000 increment/year) and a bonus of $6667. Brown joined the Ravens via the draft, having completed a successful spell at Boston College.

Fellow quarterback Tyler Huntley (2020-2022) signed an undrafted free agent contract with a base salary of just $895,000. If we compare their salaries, Huntley earns much more than the newly recruited Brown.

Steven Means’s salary comparisons

Means is a linebacker who joined Baltimore Ravens in June 2022. He used to play for Atlanta Falcons before joining the Ravens, and his annual base salary was $930,000. After joining Baltimore Ravens, Means’s base salary is $1,120,000.

Odafe Oweh plays in the same position as Means. According to Oweh’s terms of the contract, he will earn $1,175,563 in 2022. In comparison, Means’s salary is less than Oweh’s. However, Oweh has a 4-year contract with an annual increment, but Means’s contract is only for one year.

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Salary ranges for Baltimore players vary depending on factors such as position, experience, quality, and draft contracts. The key consideration that the Ravens need to make is that their overall salary cap has to remain below $208.2m per year. Working within those parameters and putting together a squad capable of competing for NFL honors is a tough task, but after a strong draft performance, the Ravens will be confident of success in the upcoming 2022 season.